FDI [Divestment] Inflows and Outflows in Developing Economies


Please note that submissions for this special issue will open in January 2022

According to UNCTAD (2019) and Global Asian Profile Corporate Divestment Study (2019) there is growing need to look towards the policies of the developing countries with respect to Divestment. FDI areas have been studied but this aspect of FDI has been ignored. With developing and emerging economies taking centre stage in the Direct Investment climate, perspectives on Divestment will emerge as new dimension. Specifically, it will address the following questions:

  1. Are developing and emerging economies prepared for the Divestment policies?
  2. Will the Divestment pattern followed in Developed countries be replicated by developing and emerging economies?
  3. What are issues of concern for the economies if Divestment FDI policies are introduced?
  4. What are the empirical evidences for/against the FDI Divestment as a rigorous economic policy?
  5. What role multilateral organizations will play in convincing economies to improve their divestment approach?

The call for papers for this special issue may include, but not limited to, the following topics:

  • Conceptual framework;
  • Significance of FDI Divestment in the growth and development of an economy;
  • Role and contribution of FDI divestment in building up strong corporate sector;
  • Emerging trends in Inflows and Outflows of FDI Divestment;
  • Issues related to FDI divestment;
  • Determinants of FDI Divestments;
  • Cause and Effect of FDI Divestment inflows and outflows;
  • Role in reforming organizations and their sustainable growth;
  • Empirical evidences for/against FDI Divestment
  • Multilateral Organizations and FDI Divestment policies
  • Impact studies for FDI Divestment

Deadline and Submission Details

The submission deadline for all papers is 1st May 2022
The publication date of this special issue is January 2023

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