Business and Industrial Marketing in the Post-Covid19 Era

Call for papers for: Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing

Guest Editors
Cristina Mele, University of Napes Federico II
Daniela Corsaro, IULM University
Tiziana Russo Spena, University of Napes Federico II
Michael Kleinaltenkamp, Freie Universität Berlin

Covid19 has dramatically changed the way people live, socialize and think about their future. This break in society has an extreme negative impact on businesses, generating not only economic discontinuity but also uncertainty and disorientation. At the same time, as all great crisis, new opportunities will emerge to rethink business in a new light and under a different wind. Hence, the topic of the Special Issue is unique and original as the crisis is taking place now; therefore we aim at accompanying, capturing, and investigating changes while they occur.

Furthermore, the crisis that companies are experiencing with Covid19 is something new that will impact their business not temporarily but with long term consequences. Many managerial approaches, business models, and practices that have worked up to date probably will not work in the future anymore. Scholars have not only to develop new theoretical models and frameworks to explain such changes but also to provide new managerial concepts and tools to face the challenge and, hopefully, to transform the threat into an opportunity. Moreover, the topic is not only relevant because of the strong impact of Covid19 on firms and industries of all kinds. It is so pervasive that it will also affect society in general.

Therefore, as a structural and not only temporal disruption, Covid 19 and its negative as well as positive consequences will penetrate business practice as well as academic research for a long time in; hence it offers also opportunities for long term impact for scholars active in this field.

In line with the aims and scope of the Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, we expect contributions being strongly focusing on practical issues caused be Covid 19. Hence, we especially welcome contributions that include empirical cases and analyses of primary data as it has been gathered by many academics and business consultants since the beginning of the crisis.

Moreover, we are interested in a broad variety of topics that have the ability to enhance critical thinking with respect to the common business and industrial marketing management concepts and practices. Examples of topics include, but are not limited to:
- Value creation in the age of coronavirus 
- B2B sales in the pandemic 
- Effects of lock-downs on business relationships
- Business relationship management after Covid19
- Effectively communicating with customers electronically during a pandemic
- New business models to cope with changing contexts
- Reorganizing the business network 
- Smart technologies and Covid 19
- Understanding the implication of corona-induced cultural, social and economic changes on business and industrial marketing
- Managerial skills that makes the difference after Covid19
- Changes of customer journeys during and after a pandemia
- Applications of AI-enabled chatbots in a crisis
- The key drivers of reputation after Covid19
- Discontinuity of supply chains in times of crisis and disruption

Submission information

All submissions will follow a double-blind review process.

- The authors should submit their full manuscripts between 1 December 2020 and 31 January 2021. The manuscripts will then go out for double-blind review. Prior to submission authors should consult the author guidelines at and submit online via the link on the homepage. During submission authors should select this special issue from the drop down menu provided. 

For any queries contact: Cristina Mele at [email protected]


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