Lifetime Achievement Awards

Industrial Robot

Industrial Robot is proud to present the following Lifetime Achievement Awards:


Robert Bogue

Associate Editor, Rob Bogue has been a prolific and highly successful contributor to the journals Sensor Review, Assembly Automation and Industrial Robot with over 280 articles published since 1990.

These articles have provided an expert assessment of new technologies and their research, application and commercial potential. They routinely attract amongst the highest numbers of downloads and citations, and have contributed immeasurably to the value of the journals for our subscribers. 


Joanne Pransky

Associate Editor, Joanne Pransky first contributed to the journal in 1996 and since then has published over 55 articles in her role as Associate Editor. She has also been hugely valued, both as our US Correspondent, and for her tireless support of the Editor, Dr Clive Loughlin.

In recent years she has broken new ground by interviewing academics who have become commercially successful – either personally or by virtue of a company or area of technology that they have founded. These have acted as a bridge between the academic and commercial robot communities.