Current Topics of Knowledge Graphs and Semantic Web

Submission opens on ScholarOne (do not submit before this date): 15th November 2021

Submission date: 30th January 2022

Guest editor

Sanju Tiwari, Tamaulipas Autonomous University

Email: [email protected]

Boris Villazon-Terrazas, Tinamica

Email: [email protected]

Fernando Ortiz-Rodriguez, Tamaulipas Autonomous University

Email: [email protected]

Overview of special issue

Knowledge graphs are presented as a solution to describe the domains such as business, organization or academics etc. Knowledge Graphs have a significant role to bridge the semantic gap between structured and unstructured information and fostered new research directions, tasks with new possibilities to represent, visualize, query and make more interpretable information. They are empowering the data representation, searching and recommendation generation to explore the new insights and gaining popularity in semantic web community.

The primary aim of this issue:

(i) to provide a forum for the Semantic Web community, bringing together researchers and practitioners in industry to share ideas about R&D projects and
(ii) to increase the adoption of the Semantic Web technologies within the region.

Indicative list of anticipated themes

  • Deep Learning on Knowledge Graphs
  • Graph-based Data Science
  • Text Mining and Natural Language Processing
  • Combining Semantic Graphs with Property Graphs
  • Probabilistic Knowledge Graphs
  • Vocabularies, Schemas, Ontologies
  • Web Analytics
  • Knowledge Mining and Fusion
  • Security and Data Privacy with Semantic Technologies
  • Knowledge Graphs and Deep Semantics
  • Semantic Linking and Search
  • Machine Learning in Semantic Computing
  • Linked Data
  • Reasoning
  • Social Web & Web Science
  • Mobile Web, Sensors and Semantic Streams
  • Services, APIs, Processes and Cloud Computing
  • Benchmarking and Empirical Evaluation
  • Scientific Semantic Web
  • Deep Learning on Knowledge Graphs
  • Graph-based Data Science

Submission details

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