Free conference ‘Doing support in the pandemic': The realities of Service Delivery

International Journal of Prisoner Health

‘Doing support in the pandemic': The realities of Service Delivery

by Institute of Policing, University of Chester.

This free online conference takes place on Thursday 23rd July 2020. Register for your free ticket here.

The Institute of Policing at the University of Chester is pleased to announce the upcoming conference: ‘Doing’ support in the pandemic. The realities of service delivery.' This is a one-day, virtual conference seeking to provide a stimulating, engaging and thought-provoking conference where practitioners and the academic community can present the realities of service delivery whilst facing an on-going pandemic. It also seeks to build a community and network of practitioners and academic in various disciplines with the aim of promoting a multi-agency approach to understanding the support available to the most marginalised in society. 

"The pandemic has impacted on people in ways we did not think possible. From isolating and dividing family members, suffering loss, the inability to hold close ones near and juggling work and family commitments.  Never in our lifetime did we think that we would be witnessing and experiencing such events.  We find ourselves navigating through the ‘new normal’ whatever that might look like moving forward.  This conference provides a platform to discuss the challenges, reflect on responses and share best practice by some of the most important organisations involved in safeguarding and supporting the most vulnerable.  In the challenging current climate, and its consequential impact on the wider structures in society, it is important not to disregard the wider issues.  

Full Conference Programme: 23rd July 2020

10.00-10.15 Welcome from the Conference Convenors - Dr. Dean Wilkinson and Charlene Crossley

10.15-11.30 Session 1 Policing 

  • Nik Adams – Metropolitan Police, National Coordinator for Prevent ‘Prevent: Responding to the Risks and Realities of Radicalisation.’
  • Dan Jones – University of Huddersfield, PhD Candidate ‘Police legitimacy in the Pandemic.’
  • Dr. Ahmed Kadry – Open University, Lecturer in Policing ‘Vulnerabilities and challenges to police authority and reputation in enforcing the COVID-19 lockdown in England and Wales.’

11.45-13.00 Session 2 Doing Support (Prison and Homeless)

  • Dr. Steve Lambert – University of Chester, Associate Professor in Education and Leadership ‘Testing prisoners for Covid19: Challenges and pitfalls'
  • Dr. Johannes Lenhard – Kings College Cambridge, Research Associate ‘Support for people sleeping rough during COVID-19 – Ethnographic observations from the frontline.
  • Dr. Pamela Barnes Homeless - Engaging civic activism in Chester through transprofessional art-based research.’

13.45 - 15.00 Session 3 Doing Support (Domestic Abuse, Young People & Children)

  • Linda Davies – ­Director, Tools for Change ‘The reality of providing the gateway programme (Domestic abuse support) during the pandemic'. 
  • Dr. Bethan Taylor – Development Officer, MYCWA ‘Delivering domestic abuse support during the COVID-19 pandemic'.
  • Dr. Lisa Oakley – Associate ProfessorUniversity of Chester ‘Safeguarding children and young people in faith communities in COVID-19’.
  • Dr. Anthony Charles –Senior Lecturer in Criminology, Swansea University ‘Challenging emerging practice: Exploring COVID19’s impact on the realisation of children’s rights in public service provision.’

15.15-16.45 Session 4 Symposium: Safeguarding in the Pandemic

  • Prof. Paul Kingston - University of Chester & independent chair Dudley Safeguarding Peoples Partnership
  • Mat Bowsher – Dudley Council, Director of Adults Services
  • Andrea Stone – Dudley Council, Head of Safeguarding Children
  • Stephen Lonsdale – Dudley council, Head of Safeguarding Adults 
  • Sally Bourner – Dudley Neighbourhood Policing Unit Commander
  • Sam Anderson – Joint Safeguarding Partnership Business Manager for Dudley

A critical overview of the rearranged safeguarding architecture in Dudley during the Covid19 pandemic: virtual safeguarding - what new insights have been illuminated.’

16.45-17.15 Reflections and Closing Address - Charlene Crossley and Dr. Dean Wilkinson "