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Coaching and Mentoring for School Improvement

Call for papers for: International Journal of Mentoring and Coaching in Education

Call for Papers


A special issue of


Guest Editor: Dr Chad Lochmiller, Indiana University Bloomington

This special issue of International Journal of Mentoring and Coaching in Education (IJMCE) focuses on issues related to coaching and mentoring in school improvement activities. This includes coaching or mentoring that is embedded within particular school improvement models, aligned to improvement approaches, or more broadly focused on improving academic achievement outcomes. The special issue seeks to strengthen our understanding of coaching and mentoring in improvement activities and to unpack the vital support that coaches or mentors provide to educational leaders who are responsible for improving student achievement outcomes.

Questions addressed by manuscripts in this special issue might include (but are not limited to):

  • How do coaches or mentors work with educational leaders to support school improvement activities?
  • How do coaches or mentors work with educational leaders to articulate and define an improvement agenda or strategic plan?
  • What role(s) do coaches or mentors occupy within improvement activities?
  • How do coaches or mentors introduce an improvement process to school teams? 
  • What strategies do coaches or mentors use to support improvement processes? 
  • How do coaches or mentors help educators adjust instructional practices? 
  • How do coaches or mentors facilitate professional learning communities, improvement teams, or other improvement-focused groups?
  • What conditions enable or prevent coaches or mentors from facilitating professional learning communities, improvement teams, or other improvement-focused groups?
  • How do coaches or mentors help educational leaders to identify and respond to persistent disparities in performance outcomes? 
  • How do school improvement providers use coaching or mentoring as part of their improvement services?
  • How does the substance of coaching or mentoring provided by improvement providers differ?
  • How do improvement-focused coaching and mentoring approaches differ from those traditionally focused on individual development and growth?
  • What can be learned from other fields (e.g., business, healthcare, social services) that employ coaching or mentoring for organizational improvement activities?

Articles for this special issue may include original research, conceptual pieces, literature reviews, or theoretically-informed and evidence-based accounts of coaching and mentoring practice. 

Deadline and Submission Details

It would be helpful if authors could indicate their intent to submit by June 30, 2020

The submission deadline for all papers is January 5, 2021

The publication date of this special issue is planned for August/September 2021

To submit your research, please visit the Scholar One manuscript portal. 
To view the author guidelines for this journal, please visit the journal's page.

NB: If we accept more papers than can be accommodated in the special issue, the additional manuscripts will be published in subsequent regular issues of IJMCE.

Authors may write in either first-person or third-person. 

Word length: Your manuscript should be between 5,000 and 8,000 words in length. This includes all text including references and appendices, but excludes the structured abstract. Please allow 280 words for each figure or table.

Reference format: You should use Harvard style (Surname, Initials (year), "Title of article", Journal Name, volume issue, pages).

You will be required to include a structured abstract at the start of your manuscript, using the following headings (250 word max):

  • Purpose (mandatory)
  • Design/methodology/approach (mandatory)
  • Findings (mandatory)
  • Research limitations/implications (if applicable) 
  • Practical implications (if applicable)
  • Social implications (if applicable)
  • Originality/value (mandatory)

The author manuscript checklist can be viewed here

Contact the Guest Editor:

Chad R. Lochmiller, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Educational Leadership
Indiana University Bloomington
School of Education
[email protected]