German Chancellor Merkel recognizes Grey System Theory

Grey Systems: Theory and Application

German Chancellor Angela Merkel paid an official 3-days visit to China from 5 to 7 September at the invitation of Chinese Premier Li Keqiang. It was her twelfth visit to China.

On the 7th of September, German Chancellor Merkel visited Wuhan and went to Huazhong University of Science and Technology to give a speech. The undergraduate students listened and interacted with her.

In her speech, Merkel said that in the context of globalization, big data and artificial intelligence are developing at a high speed, and international cooperation is particularly important. Students will have the opportunity to participate. National prosperity is part of the world’s prosperity, and students have to shoulder the common responsibility to cope with common challenges. Especially in the area of climate change, mankind must do everything in its power to keep the consequences of climate change under control. The cause of global climate governance cannot be separated from China’s major contributions.

She said, “Huazhong University of Science and Technology has trained Professors Deng Julong and Liu Sifeng, who put forward the Grey System Theory, and Zhang Xiaolong, founder of WeChat, as well as tennis players Li Na and Li Ting; such graduates have made a profound impact on the world,” reports Xinhua News.

By Dr. Saad Ahmed Javed