IWD transcript

Today’s world

Is more challenging than it ever has been

And we know these challenges can be felt even more by women

As they strive to…

Get work done.  There’s been a 35% decline in research from women in early career research roles

Juggle caring responsibilities.  65% of women now have more responsibility for household chores

Have an equal say.  11.5m women in the US lost their jobs compared to 9m men

Stay passionate.  70% of women disrupted by COVID believe this will impact career development

Say healthy physically.  48% of women said their physical well-being has suffered

Stay healthy…mentally.  13% of women felt their institution’s culture has had a negative impact on their mental health, compared to 7% of men

1 in 4 female researchers say lack of a support network is the main pressure of academic life today

And so, we’re stepping up to help level up by creating a support network of global researchers

Researchers, join us in Emerald Engage

To make connections

To share ideas

To buddy up with established researchers

Who can share experiences

Who can share advice

Who can share practical tools

Together we’re stepping up to help level up


Visit engage.ex-plor.com to find out more

Emerald Publishing.  Supporting each other to create real impact