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What makes an expert?

A global network of 1,500+ academics, former policymakers, regulators and industry leaders distil data from multiple verified sources. This means you can quickly identify what is important and understand the broader significance. 

The reality of events are reported without restriction, as contributors are anonymous. Then briefings are reviewed to by Oxford Analytica’s team of regional and sectoral specialists to expose bias, provide rigour, challenge arguments and allow for new viewpoints. The end result – a single source of trusted, evidence-based analysis.

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Prospects for the global economy in 2021

If vaccination succeeds, the advanced economies will recover robustly from mid-2021. Few emerging markets will be widely vaccinated by end-2021, restricting, if not negating, their recoveries.

Biden will wield expert US foreign policy team

If confirmed by the Senate, Austin will be the first African-American in that post. His selection is strongly supported by minority rights groups, partly because his military career immunises him from any claims of tokenism.

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Oxford Analytica is an independent geopolitical analysis and advisory firm that draws on a worldwide network of experts to advise clients on their strategies, operations, policies and investments. Founded in 1975 as the pioneer in the industry of geopolitical risk, Oxford Analytica now works with the world’s most influential businesses, governments and international organisations.

Listen to an interview with Nick Redman (Editor in Chief & Director of Analysis, Oxford Analytica) and Tony Roche (Publishing Director, Emerald Publishing), who discuss the value of Expert briefings and what this partnership means for academia.

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