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European Journal of Management and Business Economics

The European Journal of Management and Business Economics (EJM&BE) is published by Emerald Publishing in partnership with the European Academy of Management and Business Economics which was founded in 1983 for the promotion of teaching and research excellence in Business Studies.

EJM&BE publishes articles in all areas of business economics, including strategy, finance, management, marketing and tourism.

For more information on the journal’s aims and scope please visit the EJM&BE homepage.


Enrique Bigne, Department of Marketing and Market Research, University of Valencia, Spain

Enrique Bigne is a Marketing Professor at the University of Valencia and the organiser/chairman of the European Advertising Academy Conference. He has produced over 160 research items and 10 publications in the fields of marketing and business economics.

Partnership with Emerald commenced in 2017 with Volume 26:1.

Why did EJM&BE partner with us?

Since publishing volume 26 Issue 1 with Emerald in 2017, EJM&BE has further extended discoverability and readership, attracted quality submissions and increased our 2017 CiteScore from 0.80 to 2.91 in the 2019 CiteScore Tracker. From seamless integration to improved editorial workflows, the dedication and commitment of Emerald staff has been integral to helping EJM&BE extend its reach and impact.

The recent success of our special issue on “Innovation, knowledge absorption, judgement and decision- making processes” has helped further inform the role of knowledge management and innovation across different geographical and organisational contexts. Importantly, the findings presented have been pertinent to private and public decision makers, scholars and professionals alike. It has been a pleasure working with Emerald and we look forward to progressing the journal further during our partnership.

Enrique Bigne, Editor in Chief

To achieve their goal of publishing high-quality peer-reviewed articles in the areas of business economics, it was important for EJM&BE to choose a publisher with the processes and expertise to handle every step of the journey from submission to publication, followed by dissemination worldwide through an open access model.

All of the core publishing services needed for a scholarly journal were available with Emerald Publishing Services (EPS):

  • A bespoke journal submission and peer review system using the ScholarOne Manuscripts platform – set up by Emerald to fit the journal’s requirements
  • Typesetting, proofreading and light copyediting and electronic production
  • Hosting of the journal on with a dedicated home page
  • All articles of the journal are published and made freely available – using the Open Access CC-BY 4.0 Creative Commons Attribution license
  • Copyright remains with the journal owners
  • Emerald provides the journal with journal performance information, via system-generated reports
  • The journal is given global visibility and accessibility via – an industry-leading research platform with enhanced search and discoverability through enriched metadata and search engine optimisation

Indexing & ranking support


  • 2018 CiteScore of 1.57, currently; tracking at 2.91 in 2019
  • 179 Citations in ESCI since 2016, average of 3.37 citations per item
  • Average citations per year: 77 (Crossref); 218 (Google Scholar)
  • Average citations per paper: 3.53 (Crossref); 6.88 (Google Scholar)

EJM&BE is abstracted & indexed by:

  • Scopus
  • Cabells Directories
  • Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)
  • Emerging Sources Citation Index (Clarivate Analytics)
  • The Spanish Foundation of Science and Technology (FECYT)
  • Research Papers in Economics (RePEc)
  • Difusión y Calidad Editorial de las Revistas Españolas de Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales y Jurídicas (DICE)

Under the guidance of the Emerald’s Open Access team, EJM&BE has successfully been included in the Cabells Whitelist and the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), the largest independent database of Open Access Journals, alongside our other EPS journals.

EJM&BE has also successfully been accepted in leading ranking indexes, SCOPUS and the Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI). These ranking bodies evaluate a journal’s influence based on various metrics, including downloads and citations, so that researchers can select the most relevant publications to read or submit their work to.

For a full list of the abstracting and indexing services EJM&BE is included in, please visit its website page.

The benefits of being listed in CABELLS, DOAJ, SCOPUS and ESCI are:

  • Increased traffic to the journal – typically threefold after inclusion in DOAJ - over 95% of the DOAJ Publisher community said that DOAJ is important for increasing their journal’s visibility
  • Abstracting and Indexing (A&I) services, particularly SCOPUS and ESCI are often the first port of call for researchers and therefore provide greater visibility and exposure for a journal
  • In ESCI and SCOPUS the journal is ranked and compared to other journals in its subject area so researchers can find the most cited and relevant articles

DOAJ metadata is free and widely available to all the major aggregators (including Scopus and EBSCO) and many research organisations and university library portals.


EJM&BE has recently been awarded a new distinction.

The government of Spain, through the Spanish Foundation of Science and Technology (FECYT), has awarded EJM&BE with the seal of Scientific Quality Journal.

Rapid publication

  • Since joining Emerald in 2016, EJM&BE has benefited from Emerald’s streamlined setup, in which a bespoke homepage and journal submission system were created in just 12 weeks
  • EJM&BE uses Emerald’s Article Level Publishing (ALP) workflow, which enables rapid publication of articles in an average of 20 working days (after acceptance)
  • In 2018 and 2019 the timeframe from submission to final decision for EJM&BE was just 61 days, compared to the expected industry timeframe of 180 days
  • Publishing with Emerald has helped EJM&BE to attract an international authorship. Articles have been submitted from a diverse range of 20 countries, including Spain, Sweden, the UK, USA and Japan

Global reach & discoverability

  • With Emerald, EJM&BE is given global visibility and accessibility via – an industry -leading research platform with enhanced search and discoverability through enriched metadata and search engine optimisation
  • Content is configured to ensure it is crawled rapidly by Google, with a focus on inclusion in Google Scholar and the journal is indexed in all major discovery services including Primo, Summon, EBSCO Discovery Service and WorldCat
  • Like all EPS Journals, EJM&BE is published Open Access under CC BY 4.0 helping to maximise dissemination, which can be seen in the dramatic increase in pageviews, downloads and citations

EJM&BE pageviews 2017–2019

Pageviews for EJM&BE have increased by 700% in just two years on the Emerald platform.





















































EJM&BE download 2017–2019

Downloads have increased by over 300% from 2017–2019.

EJM&BE downloads 2017-2019