Emerald Points: call for shortform book proposals

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Are you writing on a pressing and timely topic? How about publishing in our shortform book format, Emerald Points?

A short-form book programme publishing new research, helping to set the agenda for future research, Emerald Points allow for a fast response to current affairs and contemporary issues, and can also include think-pieces or polemics, policy-focused research or findings with relevance for practitioners, in-depth case studies, theoretical or analytical work.

  • Concise – 25k-50k words
  • Rapid – 3-month production schedule
  • Relevance – allows you to publish your research quickly, so it remains relevant and has an immediate impact
  • Accessibility – all Emerald Points are available in print and e-book format. Open Access options are also available
  • Impact – format, fast publication, and accessibility, all enable your work to have a wider impact
  • Peer review – all books in the Emerald Points programme are rigorously peer reviewed

If you are interested in submitting a book proposal, please contact Charlotte Maiorana, Commissioning Lead (Books).

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