Using Constructivist Grounded Theory within Business Education Research: Applications and Reflections


Overview of special issue

The aim of the Special Issue is to provide researchers who have adopted a Constructivist Grounded Theory (CGT) approach to business education to detail, discuss and reflect on the theoretical and pedagogic aspects concerning the application of this methodology within their field, with a particular emphasis on the adoption of using CGT for social justice research. 

The Special Issue seeks to: 

  • Highlight the diversity of CGT applications across the field of business education, with a particular emphasis on social justice research, 

  • Build a collective evidence base of CGT as a methodology within the field of business education, 

  • Provide researchers the opportunity to reflect on the application of CGT, 

  • Provide readers with an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of CGT as a methodology. 

On July 27, 2020 Professor Kathy Charmaz passed away. Professor Charmaz pioneered the development of the Constructivist Grounded Theory methodology. A core aspect of Professor Charmaz’s work was her focus on mentoring and teaching not only the CGT methodology across disciplines but also the use of CGT for social justice research.  

This Special Issue will seek to continue Professor Charmaz’s work in regard to revealing the theoretical and pedagogic aspects concerning the application of CGT as a methodology as well as identify how CGT has (or is) being used for social justice purposes.

List of key themes

  • Using CGT in business education research 
  • Social justice issues addressed by CGT research, such as: 
    • Racism  
    • LBGQTI+ rights 
    • First Nations people’s perspectives/rights 
    • Disability discrimination  
    • Equity & access 
    • Workforce casualisation 
    • Decolonising the curriculum
  • Reflection of CGT methods such as  

    • Data collection/analysis

    • Journaling & memoing 

    • Theorising 

  • Issues with adopting CGT research 

  • Social justice impacts/outcomes from CGT research 

Submission information

To submit to this special issue, please use the JIEB ScholarOne site.

Author guidelines can be found here.

Submission closing date: 31st December 2022.