Transforming for the Common Good: Societal, Organisational, Sustainability barriers and facilitators

Opens 9th September 2024

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While the research and practitioner argue that sustainability have received significant attention recently, and there seems to be some agreement that sustainability objectives and practices may help in improving our environmental, societal and economic change initiatives there still remain barriers to societal, organisational and sustainability transformation. In an era marked by exponential technological advancements, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Metaverse stand out as pioneering forces of innovation (Smith et al., 2022; Johnson and Brown, 2021). It is evident that transforming for the common good calls for scholarly attention and research. Additionally, the barriers to assembling sustainable societal, cultural and organisational resilient frameworks and the implementation processes have only recently been acknowledged in the academic literature. To create the necessary radical transformation of organizations, industries, and societies, the extent to which traditional theories and approaches are relevant to the challenges organisations face needs fresh thinking. This special issue is expected to make rigorous contribution, including conceptual and theoretical papers, state-of-the -art reviews, empirical research (qualitative and quantitative), and case studies to advance research of OC, OT and AI for organisations to transform for the greater common good and by addressing sustainability and developmental challenges that meet global economic, organisational and personal growth from multidisciplinary perspectives.

List of Topic Areas

  1. New theoretical perspectives on transformation, change and sustainability. 
  2. The management of radical, continuous and sustainable change. 
  3. Deeper understanding of the effects of Artificial Intelligence technologies on organisations and societies. 
  4. Societal Implications of AI/Metaverse adoptions: Managing organisational change. 
  5. The management of new products, new technologies and business models for organisational sustainability.

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