The role of emerging technologies in environmental governance

Submission Deadline Date: 30 April 2023


Environmental governance and management to improve environmental quality is very important. Focusing on the spread of blockchain and emerging technologies is crucial to improving the effectiveness of environmental management and environmental performance. Nonetheless, the unavailability of clean energy has increased the difficulty of environmental management, to a certain extent. This scenario requires urgent actions to explore more sustainable approaches which can facilitate sustainable development. Furthermore, the role of emerging technologies and blockchain in environmental management during the process of emissions reduction is worth exploring. This requires focus on local and global issues of carbon and pollutant emissions abatement, and blockchain, and emerging technologies in the industrial sector. Therefore, this special issue holds promises to contribute to environmental governance research to improve environmental quality. In addition, this issue will add value to the existing research and open new avenues for future research in environmental governance and environmental quality management. 

The objectives of this special issue include: the exploration of environmental management and governance; problems and solutions posed by developments in blockchain and emerging technologies in managing the challenges of environmental degradation for achieving green growth, and, in particular, their interaction with economic and ecological systems as well as social and political processes. The article collection aims to bridge a knowledge gap between developments in blockchain, emerging technologies, and environmental governance by collecting high-quality research papers from a global perspective.


Indicative list of themes and key features of the Special Issue 

This special issue welcomes submissions in the following areas:

  • Carbon-efficient scheduling, emerging technologies and the role of energy consumption structures
  • The nexus between emerging technologies and environmental governance
  • Future perspectives on the development of green technologies and environmental regulation
  • Emerging technologies research and its ecological consequences
  • Renewable energy consumption research and its ecological consequences
  • Emerging technologies policies and the development in environmental problems abatement
  • Developments in emerging technologies in the use of non-renewable energy for environmental improvement
  • The role of technological innovation in renewable energy efficiency and carbon emissions
  • The role of green technology innovation in pollution emissions
  • Could emission trading schemes promote technological innovation and regional carbon equality?
  • Do the developments in emerging technologies affect sustainable economic growth?
  • Empirical analysis and theoretical analysis of the nexus between blockchain and green innovation
  • Energy transition, blockchain technologies, and environmental upgrading
  • Directed technological change and environmental governance frameworks
  • The overspill of developments in emerging technologies on CO2 emissions
  • Relationships among developments in emerging technologies, financial development, and environmental regulation
  • Emerging technologies, financial development, and carbon footprint
  • Environmental governance to ensure green growth
  • Environmental regulations and emerging technologies: empirical analysis and prospects
  • Multiple energy consumption, technologies innovation, and environmental improvement


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Submission deadline: 30 April 2023.