Robotic bin-picking

Guest editor(s)
Philip Long,


This special issue is focused on robotic bin-picking which will be a key technology in industry 4.0, promising increased flexibility and less dependence on mechanical jigs and fixtures. Robot bin-picking is the extraction of parts, either ordered or randomly distributed, from a container known as a bin. Behind this relatively simple idea is a suite of complex problems highly relevant to the broader robotics community such as computer vision, part recognition, grasp planning and grasp pose detection, collision avoidance and mechanical design of grippers.

In recent years, the importance of robotic bin-picking has increased with the advent of large-scale distribution centres and thus attracting high quality research solutions most notably evinced by the Amazon Robotics Challenge in 2016 and 2017. This competition introduced a suite of novel and capable end-to-end robotic systems. Additionally, there are now several robotic start-ups focusing on this key problem. This special issue will highlight the progress over the last five years including novel research results, surveys, industry ready solutions and industrial use-cases.


List of topic areas

  • Bin-picking
  • Robotic vision
  • Robot grasping
  • Robot Control
  • Computer vision
  • Machine learning and CAD matching
  • Novel End effector design
  • Industry 4.0
  • Batch Manufacturing
  • Flexible Manufacturing. 


Guest Editor 

Philip Long,

Atlantic Technological University

[email protected]


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