Luxury consumption in a post-pandemic world


The luxury industry was disrupted by the pandemic over the last two years. While the global luxury industry is recovering gradually, there is limited empirical evidence on how consumers will behave in a changing environment. In particular, it is essential to understand what marketing and logistics strategies would benefit the decision-makers. Therefore, this special issue is expected to provide directions to the practitioners and document the consumer insights within the luxury industry in a post-pandemic world. The question for luxury brands then remains: how can we take advantage of the impending upturn, starting right now? In response, brands are taking three new directions to protect their brand desirability in 2022 and beyond: strengthening their relationship with local customers, seeking greater customer intimacy and polishing purposeful luxury credentials. This proposed special issue aims to provide an empirical understanding of luxury consumption and marketing in a post-pandemic world. The findings will advance the theoretical underpinning and offer implications for luxury brand managers. In particular, this special issue will contribute to the research domain in several ways. The published research papers are expected to provide directions on 1) what new luxury shoppers will buy next, 2) why they’ll buy it, and 3) where they’ll buy it. From fashion to homeware, the luxury sector has been upended by the pandemic. What are the new challenges and opportunities facing the most exclusive brands, and how should they respond? The research papers from this special issue are expected to provide evidence on how luxury brands can find their way to go digital and how the changes in business models (from B2B to D2C) can shape the industry. Also, policymakers in the luxury industry would be informed about translating the luxury experience to the digital domain and maintaining supply chain resilience and a focus on sustainability.

Potential research topics may include (but are not limited to) the application of marketing and logistic theories, methods, or framework to:

  1. Brand attitude and perception
  2. Advertisement evaluation
  3. Second-hand luxury
  4. Packaging, labelling, and design thinking
  5. Sustainability in the fashion industry
  6. Supply chain and operation management in the fashion industry
  7. Managing luxury brands in the digital space
  8. Consumer-brand relationship in social media
  9. Ethical luxury consumption
  10. Application of neuro-marketing in luxury branding

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Key deadlines

Opening date for manuscripts submissions: 30 Apr 2022

Closing date for manuscripts submission: 15 Dec 2022   


Guest editors
Anwar Sadat Shimul, Curtin University, Australia

Kyung Hoon Kim, Changwon National University, Korea