Liveable Cities for Locals and Visitors: Challenges and Opportunities for Destinations

Submissions open 1st October 2023


The phenomenon of overtourism has highlighted to stakeholders of the industry that tourism should be developed to meet the needs (experience, quality of life, etc) of both locals and visitors alike to be sustainable (Séraphin, Platania & Spencer, 2018; Séraphin, Sheeran & Pilato, 2018). Because the industry has so far failed to reach a level of sustainability, it has become a major cause of concern (Higham, Font & Wu, 2022), leading to the shared view that rethinking the ideology of the industry is needed (Burrai, Buda, & Stanford, 2019). Because of the multi-disciplinary nature of tourism (Tribe 1997; Tribe & Liburd, 2016), it is of interest to many fields of studies. The special issue 'Liveable Cities for locals and visitors: Challenges and opportunities for destinations' can be considered to be a knowledge exchange platform between the industry and academia. Indeed, submissions will be encouraged from teams consisting of practitioners and academics.

Additionally, new trends, unexplored and/or poorly explored aspects of urban tourism sustainability will be explored. All stakeholders of the industry will be considered, including those not covered in existing literature (such as children, homeless people, old age pensioners, single people, etc.).

Since the breakout of COVID-19, research is emphasising more and more the role and importance of natural environment to the wellbeing of individuals (Guzman et al, 2021). Wellbeing, quality of life, happiness, etc. are elements contributing to the atmosphere of a destination (Rokka et al, 2023; Uysal et al, 2016). Recent research in tourism, hospitality and events, which has pointed out the importance of convivial atmospheres as a marketing tool which can help destinations to gain competitive advantages, has also highlighted the need for further research in the area (Paiva, 2023; Rokka, Auriacombe, Arnould & Sitz, 2023; Rosetti, 2023), particularly when it comes to atmospheric justice (Paiva, 2023).

Therefore, this special issue is going to be centred around the contribution of the environment to liveable cities. The central research question of this special issue is how stakeholders involved in urban tourism planning and development can use the environment to create convivial and justice atmospheres to affect others (and be affected) with a maximum of gains and limited pain.

List of topic areas

  • How can a natural environment be designed and reproduced in urban contexts?
  • How can a natural environment contribute to the development of convivial atmospheres in urban contexts?
  • What could be the direct and indirect benefits/challenges of the natural environment on the quality of life in urban destinations?
  • How to evaluate the contribution of a natural environment on the level of convivial atmosphere (and the impacts) of a destination?
  • Is the importance and role of the environment a panacea (i.e., understood by all, and everywhere, the same way)?

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