The intersection of social work, substance use and mental health



Currently, many of the interventions and responses to dual diagnosis are health focused on psychological interventions. This special issue will highlight how social work can contribute to positive change in regards to co-occurring substance use and mental health within the context of social work practice and multidisciplinary practice in a range of settings. It will focus on the role a social worker takes when working with a different lens that includes the relationships, community, context, and other influences.

The main aims of this special issue are:

  • To explore the role of social workers, social work practice and theory in responding to co-occurring substance use and mental health 

  • To promote ways in which social workers work in different contexts and multidisciplinary teams with a focus on co-occurring substance use and mental health 

Indicative list of anticipated themes

  • Practice orientation 

  • Theory to practice 

  • Social work focus 

  • Dual diagnosis and social work 

  • Promotion of lived experience/not just research 

  • Practice papers written by social workers in the field 

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