Integrated care in rural, remote or island communities



Most of the literature on integrated care relates to policy and implementation experience in mainland and mainly urban settings. There has been little focus in the integrated care literature on the specific challenges and emerging solutions for delivering integrated care and population health in remote, rural or island communities. These communities often face challenges such as outward migration combined with an ageing population and high levels of chronic disease; a limited workforce skills base within a small population; difficulties with recruitment and retention of specific specialist staff; and lack of economies of scale resulting in high costs for energy, infrastructure, transportation, communication and services. There is generally a reliance on public sector provision for both health and social care.

This special issue will share knowledge on planning, commissioning, delivering and evaluating people centred integrated care in remote, rural or island systems. It will highlight examples of innovation from across the globe and present insights on models of governance, regulation and workforce development that build community resilience, enable transformational change and strengthen remote, rural or island systems.

Many small and developing systems face similar challenges and will find transferable learning from models of integrated care attuned to remote, rural or island communities. The issue will explore interdependencies and synergies across sectors and highlight the vital contribution of integrated care to achieving Sustainable Development Goals.


List of topic areas


  • Strategic planning and commissioning 
  • Workforce recruitment, development and capability 
  • Creating compassionate, inclusive resilient communities 
  • Digital solutions, inclusion and connectivity 
  • Promoting mental health and wellbeing across the life stages 
  • Supporting the wellbeing of isolated practitioners
  • Indigenous healthcare issues
  • Identifying and addressing health inequalities 
  • Role of community hospitals in remote, rural or island communities


Guest Editors

Anne Hendry, Honorary Professor University of the West of Scotland and Director IFIC Scotland, Scotland,
[email protected] 

Sarah-Anne Munoz,
Professor of Rural Health, Centre for Health Science, University of the Highlands and Islands, Scotland. Co-founder of the Global collaborative on rural mental health,
[email protected]

Donata Kurpas, 
Professor in Family Medicine Department, Wroclaw Medical University, Poland; Chair of EURIPA Advisory Board, WONCA Europe,
[email protected] 

Helen Tucker-Dickson, 
President of UK Community Hospitals association, UK, 
[email protected]


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