Healthcare and Real Estate


Overview of special issue

The demand for healthcare facilities has been growing at an exponential rate in recent years, covering a wide range of properties from the specialist and non-specialist medical facilities to nursing homes, to off-site facilities. An ageing population across many parts of the world and changes in public awareness and attitude to healthcare have driven and will continue to drive demand for healthcare space and services. Significant technological innovations have also started to transform the traditional ways of healthcare provision and several of those have proved to be viable solutions. Moreover, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has put the spotlight squarely on healthcare and highlighted the inequalities and imbalances in terms of access to healthcare.

As a result, healthcare real estate companies (in both private and public sectors) will increasingly need to operate at the intersection of real estate, healthcare and technology sectors. It will also require the ability to work and meet the demands of a fast-changing market, and collaborate within an ecosystem of public, private and voluntary sector stakeholders. Such needs pose a unique set of challenges that are somewhat different from other traditional real estate sectors such as office, retail, residential, hospitality or industrial. Property specifications, location choices, investment strategies, tenant management and other aspects tend to be different compared to the other sectors in real estate.

In this special issue, we seek to explore various research issues within the above context. The focus can be on: (a) any geography within Europe (global studies with an emphasis on Europe or comparison with Europe are also welcome); (b) indirect/public or direct/private real estate markets; (c) theoretical aspects or empirical evidences using quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods; and (d) either non-residential or residential properties.

Indicative list of anticipated themes

  • Demand and supply issues of healthcare real estate (both housing and commercial assets)
  • Asset pricing, valuation of healthcare properties
  • Comparison of the risk-return profile of healthcare real estate with other sectors
  • Corporate governance in healthcare REITs
  • Risk-bearing and liquidity in the sector
  • Diversification benefits and investment strategies in the sector
  • Cross-border investment in healthcare real estate
  • Space design and specifications of healthcare properties
  • Technology in healthcare real estate

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