CyberSystemic implications on the future of societies

Guest editors

Igor Perko

Submissions open 1st January 2022

With this Special Issue, we aim to discuss CyberSystemics and its effects on the future development of the societies. The CyberSystemic tools are proposed on different levels: the theoretical frameworks, the methods for addressing governance of societal challenges and solutions, the digital and hybrid AI based research results and transdisciplinary implementation reports.


CyberSystemic implications on the future of societies aspires to positively contribute focusing in transdisciplinary research and the communication between all research stakeholders. The research and the real-life concepts are to get closer – we will provide evidence of this. It should provide insights for a more social and environment-aware governance, we expect to receive insights for fundamental changes in the digital industry, especially in the socially conforming intelligent services.



The special issue will follow up and upgrade the best WOSC 2021 Congress research results. More importantly, it will present the evidence of transdisciplinary research, needed to reach the common goals of our society.



WOSC is strongly related to Kybernetes from its start. In the latest congress, the focus is set to the hybridisation of technology, social, environmental, and philosophical research, and the aspects of a Hybrid reality.


Key features

  • Philosophical and methodological foundations for the development of the systems approach and cybernetics.
  • The CyberSystemics of society, ecology and governance.
  • Technology and humanity: co-developing a hybrid reality.
  • Transdisciplinarity of CyberSystemics: developing areas of knowledge.
    • The Education System
    • Medicine and health systems
    • Economics and business
    • Cybernetics, systems, and the arts


Guest Editors:

Igor Perko, University of Maribor, Faculty of Economics and Business


Submission deadline: 23rd April 2022