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Emerald Citations of Excellence

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A cost curve for greenhouse gas reduction

Per-Anders Enkvist, Tomas Naucler and Jerker Rosander
McKinsey Quarterly, Feb, 2007

A fuzzy set approach for R&D portfolio selection using a real options valuation model

Juite Wang and W.-L. Hwang
Omega, Vol: 35, Issue: 3, 2007

A knowledge management success model: theoretical development and empirical validation

Uday R. Kulkarni, Sury Ravindran and Ronald Freeze
Journal of Management Information Systems, Vol: 23, Issue: 3, 2007

A leader's framework for decision making

David J. Snowden and Mary E. Boone
Harvard Business Review, Vol: 85, Issue: 11, 2007

A review for mobile commerce research and applications

E.W.T. Ngai and A. Gunasekaran
Decision Support Systems, Vol: 43, Issue: 1, 2007

A theory of friendly boards

Renée B. Adams and Daniel Ferreira
Journal of Finance, Vol: 62, Issue: 1, 2007

Accounting information, disclosure, and the cost of capital

Richard Lambert, Christian Leuz and Robert E. Verrecchia
Journal of Accounting Research, Vol: 45, Issue: 2, 2007

Adoption of the mobile Internet: an empirical study of multimedia message service (MMS)

Chin-Lung Hsu, Hsi-Peng Lu and Huei-Hsia Hsu
Omega, Vol: 35, Issue: 6, 2007

Assimilation of enterprise systems: the effect of institutional pressures and the mediating role of top management

Huigang Liang, Nilesh Saraf, Qing Hu and Yajiong Xue
MIS Quarterly, Vol: 31, Issue: 1, 2007

Building firm capabilities through learning: the role of the alliance learning process in alliance capability and firm-level alliance success

Prashant Kale and Harbir Singh
Strategic Management Journal, Vol: 28, Issue: 10, 2007

Can a retail web site be social?

Liz C.Wang, Julie Baker, Judy A.Wagner and Kirk Wakefield
Journal of Marketing, Vol: 71, Issue: 3, 2007

Characterizing world market integration through time

Francesca Carrieri, Vihang Errunza and Ked Hogan
Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Vol: 42, Issue: 4, 2007

Competing through service: insights from service-dominant logic

Robert F. Lusch, Stephen L. Vargo and Matthew O'Brien
Journal of Retailing, Vol: 83, Issue: 1, 2007

Corporate social responsibility and employee commitment

Jane Collier and Rafael Esteban
Business Ethics: A European Review, Vol: 16, Issue: 1, 2007

Determinants of adoption of mobile games under mobile broadband wireless access environment

Imsook Ha, Youngseog Yoon and Munkee Choi
Information & Management, Vol: 44, Issue: 3, 2007

Does market size structure affect competition? The case of small business lending

Allen N. Berger, Richard J. Rosen and Gregory F. Udell
Journal of Banking & Finance, Vol: 31, Issue: 1, 2007

Does monitoring improve labor standards? Lessons from Nike

Richard M. Locke, Fei Qin and Alberto Brause
Industrial and Labor Relations Review, Vol: 61, Issue: 1, 2007

Emerging positive organizational behavior

Fred Luthans and Carolyn M. Youssef
Journal of Management, Vol: 33, Issue: 3, 2007

Enabling customer-centricity using wikis and the wiki way

Christian Wagner and Ann Majchrzak
Journal of Management Information Systems, Vol: 23, Issue: 3, 2007

Families, human capital, and small business: evidence from the Characteristics of Business Owners Survey

Robert W. Fairlie and Alicia Robb
Industrial and Labor Relations Review, Vol: 60, Issue: 2, 2007

Functions of innovation systems: a new approach for analysing technological change

M.P. Hekkert, R.A.A. Suurs, S.O. Negro, S. Kuhlmann and R.E.H.M. Smits
Technological Forecasting & Social Change, Vol: 74, Issue: 4, 2007

How dynamic can organizational capabilities be? Towards a dual-process model of capability dynamization

Georg Schreyogg and Martina Kliesch-Eberl
Strategic Management Journal, Vol: 28, Issue: 9, 2007

Investor sentiment in the stock market

Malcolm Baker and Jeffrey Wurgler
The Journal of Economic Perspectives, Vol: 21, Issue: 2, 2007

It's all about me: narcissistic chief executive officers and their effects on company strategy and performance

Arijit Chatterjee and Donald C. Hambrick
Administrative Science Quarterly, Vol: 52, Issue: 3, 2007

Neglected outcomes of customer satisfaction

Xueming Luo and Christian Homburg
Journal of Marketing, Vol: 71, Issue: 2, 2007

Networking as a means to strategy change: the case of open innovation in mobile telephony

Koen Dittrich and Geert Duysters
Journal of Product Innovation Management, Vol: 24, Issue: 6, 2007

Overcoming barriers to knowledge sharing in virtual teams

B Rosen, S Furst and R Blackburn
Organizational Dynamics, Vol: 36, Issue: 3, 2007

Preference fluency in choice

Nathan Novemsky, Ravi Dhar, Norbert Schwarz and Itamar Simonson
Journal of Marketing Research, Vol: 44, Issue: 3, 2007

Private credit in 129 countries

Simeon Djankov, Caralee McLiesh and Andrei Shleifer
Journal of Financial Economics, Vol: 84, Issue: 2, 2007

Putting the S back in corporate social responsibility: a multilevel theory of social change in organizations

Ruth V. Aguilera, Deborah E. Rupp, Cynthia A. Williams and Jyoti Ganapathi
Academy of Management Review, Vol: 32, Issue: 3, 2007

Reconsidering the use of personality tests in personnel selection contexts

Frederick P. Morgeson, Michael A. Campion, Robert L. Dipboye, John R. Hollenbeck, Kevin Murphy and Neal Schmitt
Personnel Psychology, Vol: 60, Issue: 3, 2007

Relationship-specificity, incomplete contracts, and the pattern of trade

Nathan Nunn
Quarterly Journal of Economics, Vol: 122, Issue: 2, 2007

Social sources of information in opportunity recognition: Effects of mentors, industry networks, and professional forums

Eren Ozgen and Robert A. Baron
Journal of Business Venturing, Vol: 22, Issue: 2, 2007

Strategic bidder behavior in sponsored search auctions

Benjamin Edelman and Michael Ostrovsky
Decision Support Systems, Vol: 43, Issue: 1, 2007

Teachers and the gender gaps in student achievement

Thomas S. Dee
Journal of Human Resources, Vol: 42, Issue: 3, 2007

The biasing health halos of fast-food restaurant health claims: lower calorie estimates and higher side-dish consumption intentions

Pierre Chandon and Brian Wansink
Journal of Consumer Research, Vol: 34, Issue: 3, 2007

The economic lives of the poor

Abhijit V. Banerjee and Esther Duflo
The Journal of Economic Perspectives, Vol: 21, Issue: 1, 2007

The effects of loyalty programs on customer lifetime duration and share of wallet

Lars Meyer-Waarden
Journal of Retailing, Vol: 83, Issue: 2, 2007

The emerging knowledge governance approach: challenges and characteristics

Nicolai J. Foss
Organization, Vol: 14, Issue: 1, 2007

The impact of psychological contract breach on work-related outcomes: a meta-analysis

Hao Zhao, Sandy J. Wayne, Brian C. Glibkowski and Jesus Bravo
Personnel Psychology, Vol: 60, Issue: 3, 2007

The impact of Web quality and playfulness on user acceptance of online retailing

Tony Ahn, Seewon Ryu and Ingoo Han
Information & Management, Vol: 44, Issue: 3, 2007

The importance of diverse collaborative networks for the novelty of product innovation

Mara Jesus Nieto and Lluis Santamar
Technovation, Vol: 27, Issue: 6, 2007

The innovation value chain

Morten T. Hansen and Julian Birkinshaw
Harvard Business Review, Vol: 85, Issue: 6, 2007

The process audit

Michael Hammer
Harvard Business Review, Vol: 85, Issue: 4, 2007

The relationship between 'high-performance work practices' and employee attitudes: an investigation of additive and interaction effects

Keith Macky and Peter Boxall
The International Journal of Human Resource Management, Vol: 18, Issue: 4, 2007

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act and firms' going-private decisions

Ellen Engel, Rachel M. Hayes and Xue Wang
Journal of Accounting & Economics, Vol: 44, Issue: 1, 2007

The severity of supply chain disruptions: design characteristics and mitigation capabilities

Christopher W. Craighead, Jennifer Blackhurst, M. Johnny Rungtusanatham and Robert B. Handfield
Decision Sciences, Vol: 38, Issue: 1, 2007

Whom you know matters: venture capital networks and investment performance

Yael V. Hochberg, Alexander Ljungqvist and Yang Lu
Journal of Finance, Vol: 62, Issue: 1, 2007

Why companies should have open business models

Henry W. Chesbrough
MIT Sloan Management Review, Vol: 48, Issue: 2, 2007

Why would corporations behave in socially responsible ways? An institutional theory of corporate social responsibility

John L. Campbell
Academy of Management Review, Vol: 32, Issue: 3, 2007