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The MBS/Emerald case writing competition

MBS LOGOAnnouncing the winner

Mahasarakham Business School (MBS) and Emerald are proud to announce the winner of their first collaborative teaching case study competition!

The judging panel deliberated over each case study individually, scrutinising both the case and the teaching note before giving the manuscript an overall score. The winners are announced below.

Congratulations to the winner, Dr Rasi Kunapatarawong of Mahidol University International College for her case study entitled "Murrah Dairy, Thailand's first and only buffalo milk producer".

Dr Kunapatarawong received a prize of US$1,000 on behalf of MBS and was awarded a certificate for her achievement at Huamark, Bangkok, Thailand on 19 July 2015.

This aim of the MBS/Emerald case writing competition is to encourage global submissions from experts on all areas of management. The competition specifically invited case study submissions based on Thai organizations or based on protagonists who are from Thailand.

"It was a great experience writing a case for the MBS/Emerald case writing competition and at the same time learning about an SME of an emerging market and its environment. It was a great opportunity and very rewarding. I would definitely be participating in more case writing competitions in the future." (Dr Rasi Kunapatarawong, Mahidol University International College)

Image: Dr Kunapatarawong is presented with her winner's certificate and cheque by Associate Professor Dr Phaprukbaramee Ussahawanitchakit, Dean of Mahasarakham Business School
Dr Kunapatarawong is presented with her winner's certificate and cheque by Associate Professor Dr Phaprukbaramee Ussahawanitchakit, Dean of Mahasarakham Business School.

All cases submitted to the competition are considered for publication in Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies (EEMCS) and all authors receive feedback from peer reviewers. MBS and Emerald would like to thank all the authors who participated in this year's competition.

About MBS

Vision and mission

  1. To produce excellent undergraduates and postgraduates in accountancy, business management and economics showing potential and purpose in their respective professional fields, of which entrepreneurial skills, that fulfil the needs of society,
  2. To conduct high-profile academic research work in accountancy, business management and economics with a view to generating additional practical know-how relevant to business at local, national and international level. It encompasses the writing of high-standard learning materials and manuals,
  3. To deliver relevant academic services with the purpose of conveying knowledge and building potential in the working process for the benefit of the community, society and the nation,
  4. To develop students' readiness towards issues inherent in morals, ethics and personality throughout the educational process and by means of students' activities in order for them to become responsible members of society,
  5. To foster local and national art, culture and tradition,
  6. To apply excellent internal organisation management systems and technology on the basis of corporate governance principles and a quality-oriented approach including the promotion of relevant knowledge management within the organisation.

Message from the Dean

The primary mission of the Mahasarakham Business School of Mahasarakham University consists of producing high-standard graduates at bachelor, postgraduate and doctorate level in business management and economics for the good of society by committing itself to standards that fulfil market needs. Since its inception over ten years ago, the Mahasarakham Business School has been developing academic curricula continuously, teaching and learning methodologies, academic research and academic services while showing staunch determination in instilling such concepts as personal behaviour development, values and ethics for our students to possess the qualities expected of them on the job market.

To date, the Mahasarakham Business School counts over 9,000 students, over 140 faculty members and over 40 administrative staff. The Mahasarakham Business School offers 21 programmes at undergraduate, postgraduate or doctoral level including an international programme. Over 120 international students from different countries study with us.

The Mahasarakham Business School is aware of students being service users of importance, whose expectations are about acquiring the knowledge and skills that prove indispensable in their respective professional fields and return decent income for them and their families once they graduate. That is why the teaching and learning techniques at the Mahasarakham Business School focus primarily on learners and aim to develop their competences to the utmost in their respective fields of study as well as the qualities that will fulfil their future employers' needs. They also are designed with a view to ensuring greatest satisfaction throughout the learning process and good professional perspectives in the future for all our students.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phaprukbaramee Ussahawanitchakit, Dean of Mahasarakham Business School


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