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Meet the stars from previous years

Read how the award helped our previous winners

The winner of the 2017 Emerald African Management Research Fund Award is Prof Chux Gervase Iwu for his submission "The wholesale-retail nexus: an assessment of the role of African immigrant wholesalers in the development of retail entrepreneurship in South Africa".

Image: Prof Chux Gervase Iwu.We caught up with Prof Chux Gervase Iwu when we presented him with his award, and he had this to say about winning the award:

“I was delighted to win the 2017 Emerald African Management Research Fund Award. By winning this award it means that the focus of my proposed project is an important one, it validates the necessity of researching emerging economies' socioeconomic matters. I’m currently tidying up some work on entrepreneurship education project, and I’m also putting together a team to go into the field to get some data for the “Emerald Publishing” project. In the next few months I will continue to work on my numerous research projects while continuing to focus on emerging economies’ socioeconomic matters.

We’ll be catching up with Prof Chux Gervase Iwu during the next year to see how the research award is helping him.

2016 winners

The winners of the 2016 Emerald African Management Research Fund Award are Dr Ismaila Idowu Ahmed, Dr Suleiman Abdulkareem, Mr Jeleel Adekunle Adebisi and Mr Taiwo Yahaya, all from Nigeria for their research proposal "Potentials of Abattoir Wastes For Surface Strengthening of Steels."

Image: Professor Jenny M. Hoobler, University of Pretoria, receiving her award.The winners of the 2014/2015 Emerald African Management Research Fund Award are Professor Jenny M. Hoobler at University of Pretoria, Courtney R. Masterson at University of Illinois at Chicago and Elsabe Buys, Masters' Student at University of Pretoria, for their research entitled "Crossover of Work-Family Enrichment and Work-Family Conflict: The Case of Domestic Employment in Africa".

When we met Professor Hoobler to present her with the Award, she said this about their research "Our research builds on a theoretical manuscript authored by Courtney Masterson and myself which was earlier submitted to the Academy of Management Review. The project tests the theory which we developed in the AMR manuscript, which specified how types of conflict but also resources cross over from career women (domestic employers) to their domestic employees (nannies and maids). This research is integral to African nations in that Africa is the third largest employer of domestic workers, after Asia and Latin America. While official statistics are hard to come by, the International Labour Office (2013) estimates that 5.2 million persons are employed in domestic work in Africa, 73% of whom are women, and 99% of whom are black. This is a population of workers who typically falls outside of labour law protection, and for whom exploitation and poverty are daily struggles. We believe understanding their plight through management research, and from a dyadic, employee-employer relationship vantage point, have the potential to understand and improve their labour, and indeed life, experiences. "

We'll be catching up with Professor Hoobler and her winning colleagues to discuss how the award has helped them and what they are doing now and in the future.

Image: Dr. Lisa Qixun Siebers.In 2013, the winners of the Emerald African Management Research Fund Award were Dr. Lisa Qixun Siebers, Prof. Dr. Ken Kamoche and Prof. Dr. Sekelani Banda, for their research entitled “Chinese investments in Southern Africa: the Zambian case".

The fund allowed Dr. Siebers (pictured left) to go to Zambia for 11 days to conduct field work on Chinese investments in Zambia. During this time, Dr. Siebers conducted interviews with Chinese senior executives and business owners as well as their local employees. She also conducted interviews with other stakeholders who understand and are interested in Chinese investments. A total of 28 organizations were covered in the field work, in across range of business sectors, including construction, education and non-profit organizations. These firms are ranged from conglomerates to small and medium-sized firms and from state-owned enterprises to private and family businesses. Dr. Siebers also established significant networks for future investigations in Zambia as necessary.

The first academic paper on this project has been submitted and is expected to be presented at the EURAM 2015 Conference in Warsaw this June. During the same trip, Dr. Siebers also visited South Africa for a connected project on Chinese investments in South Africa, sponsored by the British Academy. Thanks to the Emerald Award, the studies on these two countries in one trip led to higher efficiency and achievement for our investigation on Chinese investments in Africa in general.

Equally exciting, by using the networks established during this Africa trip, Dr. Siebers has set up a Special Interest Group of Marketing & Strategic Management in Africa (MSMA) based in Nottingham Business School, supported by the University of Johannesburg. The Group aims to encourage voluntary based research collaborations worldwide in relation to African countries.

More details of these and previous awards dating back to 2008 can be found our awards archive page