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Royal Economic Society 2019

Banner: Royal Economic Society 2019.

We’re very pleased to be joining you for the Royal Economic Society Conference this year. As a Publisher, dialogue and discovery is at the heart of everything we do. Be sure to come and see us at our stand, armed with your thoughts as we consider the future of research and publishing with key questions.

2019 is set to be an exciting year for Emerald and our communities as we experiment with new ideas while maintaining the commitment to our core principles: we continue to bring research to life, and help our communities make decisions that change their world for the better.

An overview of these ideas and a range of publishing opportunities are below. Take a look, follow us on Twitter, and get involved in the conversation.

RES Virtual Issue

The article remains the core of Emerald and our journals. We view the article as fundamental to research and communication and we encourage your continued support of our journals.

We've selected a broad range of recently published articles to make free access as a Virtual Issue for RES delegates. Please get in touch for any information regarding our journals.

Cover image: Studies in Economics and Finance

Credit Ratings, Relationship Lending, and Loan Market Efficiency
Studies in Economics and Finance

Cover image: Studies in Economics and Finance

Market efficiency and the global financial crisis: evidence from developed markets
Studies in Economics and Finance

News and social media emotions in the commodity market
Review of Behavioral Finance

Cover image: International Journal of Manpower

The relationship between flexible employment arrangements and workplace performance in Great Britain
International Journal of Manpower

Cover Image: International Journal of Social Economics

Does poverty lead to crime? Evidence from the United States of America
International Journal of Social Economics

Cover image: Journal of Economic Studies

Brexit associated sharp depreciation and implications for UK’s inflation and balance of payments
Journal of Economic Studies

Cover image: Journal of Economic and Administrative Sciences

The impact of workplace spirituality on voluntary turnover intentions through loneliness in work
Journal of Economic and Administrative Sciences

Cover image: International Journal of Development Issues

The drivers of economic growth in China and India: globalization or financial development?
International Journal of Development Issues

Cover Image: Journal of Money Laundering Control

Tracking digital footprints: anonymity within the bitcoin system
Journal of Money Laundering Control

Cover Image: Journal of Financial Economic Policy

Economic policy uncertainty and stock market liquidity: Does financial crisis make any difference?
Journal of Financial Economic Policy

Co-production of research

Co-production is the collaboration between researchers and those with a stake in a project in its governance, priority-setting, conducting of research, and knowledge translation.

We’d like to explore opportunities around co-production and discover how best to help our authors achieve impact in their research. We offer this platform by encouraging the co-production of 'problem focused research' alongside different communities during different stages of the research cycle.

If you're interested in linking your research with other communities, get in touch.

Beyond the research article

To give our authors the ability to reach different audiences we need to look at other forms of communication.

We have numerous examples of how our communities achieve impact outside traditional avenues and communicates with different audiences, but we’re also looking to new platforms and media. This could include presenting research as blog posts, podcasts, or even cartoons!

Talk to us to discover how to go beyond the research article.

Open research

Open is important to Emerald and our communicates. We're providing authors with more choice when it come to their publication options and offer open as an avenue for funding mandates and reaching diverse audiences.

All Emerald journals offer the opportunity to publish open access, but other options within journals, such as our Platinum Fully Open Access journals, and other platforms are available…

Image: Emerald Open ResearchEmerald Open Research is a new platform for fast author- led publication and open peer review.

The platform offers six gateways, each publishing research aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. These include Digital World, Education & Learning and Sustainable Food Systems, and publishes research beyond the traditional research article.

If Open, or the development of funding opportunities across traditional, or non-traditional, means is important to you, then get in touch.

Visit Emerald Open Research   ▶

We look forward to seeing you at our stand!

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Louise Lister
Economics Publisher, Journals

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Senior Commissioning Editor

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