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With some of the finest analysis in the field, our Business, Management and Strategy books realize international developments across a variety of topical themes. Here is a selection of featured books for you to enjoy.

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Image: The Physicality of Leadership Gesture, Entanglement, Taboo, Possibilities.Global Talent Management and Staffing in MNES

Attracting, managing and retaining talented employees is an important area of human resource management. Managing talent across an organization's global network presents many challenges including expatriation and repatriation issues, cross-cultural adjustment of employees, and operating in different regulatory and economic environments. This volume provides insights into multinational enterprises' (MNEs) global staffing and global talent management (GTM), and covers issues of global mobility from organizational, individual and contextual perspectives. The chapters in this edited volume cover historical development of expatriation, use of self-initiated and company-assigned expatriates, talent management in entrepreneurial firms, and talent retention through effective expatriation and repatriation programs in transitioning and emerging economies.

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Image: Application of Management Science.Advances in Mergers and Acquisitions Volume 15

Advances in Mergers and Acquisitions stands out from the competition due to its focus on three key characteristics: studies from scholars in different countries, with different research questions, relying on different theoretical perspectives. Such a broad and inclusive approach to mergers and acquisitions is not easily replicated in academic journals, with much narrower mandates and metrics. The papers published in this volume provide cutting edge ideas by leading scholars, and help to inform mergers and acquisitions research around the world.

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Image: Critical Studies on Corporate Responsibility, Governance and Sustainability.Perspectives on Headquarters-Subsidiary Relationships in the Contemporary MNC

This volume of Research in Global Strategic Management, the first under the new editorship of William Newburry, provides new perspectives on headquarters-subsidiary relationships in the context of the contemporary multinational corporation. By focusing on the role and the management of subsidiaries, the volume complements recent research on MNC headquarters. Contributions can be grouped into three categories: the management mechanisms of the MNC; tensions and conflicts in HQ-subsidiary relationships; and knowledge transfer in the MNC network.

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Image: Critical Studies on Corporate Responsibility, Governance and Sustainability.Dead Firms: Causes and Effects of Cross-Border Corporate Insolvency

Why do firms die? This volume seeks to explore international and cross-disciplinary perspectives, if you like a forensic examination, autopsy or post mortem of 'how and why' companies die. This alternate perspectives flips the focus on survival, as all existing firms are in truth survivors, to consider through the metaphors of death, (with forensic analysis, autopsy, post mortems and crime scene investigations) the lessons 'dead firms' might offer. This book will contribute to the understanding of the development, antecedents, processes and consequences of corporate insolvency around the world. In general lines, insolvency is a state in which the debtor is proven unable to pay corporate debtors. We aim to explore the contemporary causes and effects of corporate cross-border insolvency (CCBI). In the realms of international business, CCBI could be mediated by events experienced during the internationalization of the firm, which may encompass a loss of capital, loss of revenue and loss of credit.

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