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The Great Man Theory of Leadership

TwitterTweet this: "All great leaders need a little help"

It’s an empowering thought that leaders are not born but they are made, isn’t it?

From Barack Obama to Richard Branson, these are arguably an example of the greatest male leaders of recent times; but it’s hard to believe it took a team of people to get them where they are today.

In our podcast we delve into the "Great Man Theory" and pick apart the major flaws in the idea that leadership is instinctive and a solo accomplishment.

The Great Man Theory: a podcast with Nancy Roberts

Nancy Roberts is the founder of Business Inclusivity, a social enterprise aimed at tackling issues of diversity and inclusion in the business world.

She has 20 years’ experience in many management and leadership roles within in the publishing industry across trade, children’s and academic publishing and is a current Executive MBA student at Cranfield School of Management.

She believes in helping to develop future leaders, especially those who feel themselves excluded from the boardroom, and enjoys providing executive coaching, support, and mentorship to emerging leaders. She has a BA in English, two Master of Arts degrees, and a PhD in Postcolonial Feminist Literary Theory.

To help you to learn more on the topic of leadership, we’ve cherry-picked some research from our collection below which is free to access until 23 September.

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