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Rapid Prototyping Journal: Has 3D printing come of age?


Image: Rapid Prototyping Journal.For almost 20 years, Rapid Prototyping Journal (RPJ) has been at the heart of all things 3D printing.

Since our earliest issue in 1995, the field has come on in leaps and bounds. Additive manufacturing now has applications in everything imaginable, including  medicine, archaeology and even chocolate!

An article by Terry Wohlers from our very first issue, entitled Future potential of rapid prototyping and manufacturing around the world, posed questions such as, "where is rapid prototyping now?" and "where is it going?" 20 years later, new and surprising developments are still taking place, and the question of "what’s next?" is as pertinent as ever.

Overall, this is a time of reflection over how far we've come, and how far there may yet be to go. We are therefore pleased to present this virtual issue, featuring a range of articles from across the journal’s lifetime.

Recent developments

Medical innovations

Evolving applications

Terry Wohler's thought piece

This virtual special issue is a collection of papers previously published in issues of the Rapid Prototyping Journal.

RPJ video.

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