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Special Issue on Islamic Economics, Business and Finance: Towards the Real Economy and Sustainable Development

Guest Editor
M. Kabir Hassan (University of New Orleans)

Synopsis and Subject Coverage
Islamic economics and finance has focused on the balance between financial and real sector. While the economic conditions today show that the financial sector is growing far leaving the real sector, the imbalances have created various adverse effects to the economy including vulnerability to crisis due to bubble in the financial sector. In the long run, the imbalances could potentially detriment economic growth and sustainability. Islamic economics and finance that have an ethical and normative dimensions try to provide alternative solutions to restore and ensure the balance between the financial sector and the real sector.

The special issue seeks to discuss and provide alternative solutions provided by Islamic economics and finance to address the imbalances between financial and real sector. To do so, the focus must necessarily be on conceptual and empirical studies. Some research questions that are very relevant to this special issue are related to how Islamic economics and finance maintains the balance between the financial and the real sector, and how Islamic economics and finance can create sustained growth between all aspects of life.
The special issue will emphasize but not limit the contributions to Asian economies.

Topics of the paper include but are not limited to areas limited below:
•    Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) Framework within Islamic Economics, Business,and Finance
•    Islamic Philosophical, Moral and Fiqh Positioning on Sustainable Development Issues
•    Maqashid Sharia and Economic Development
•    International Trade and Socio-Economic Development among Muslim Countries
•    The Role of Islamic Social Fund for Social Welfare Creation
•    Application of Islamic Monetary Policies toward Real Economy
•    Innovative Financing for Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) through Islamic Finance
•    The Socio-Economic Impact of Islamic Banking in the Real Economy
•    The Relations of Islamic Capital Market and Real Economy
•    The Role of Islamic Non-Bank Institutions to Enhance Financial Inclusion
•    The Development of Islamic Financial Technology
•    SME Financing Models in Islamic Finance
•    Islamic Business Ethics in Shaping Business Practice
•    The Role of Halal Industries in The Real Economy

Submission Procedure: Contributors should submit their manuscript in English by July 02, 2018. Manuscripts should be submitted online at the following link:

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In order for the paper to be formally accepted for special issue, it must be presented at the conference and must go through the IMEFM review process, but it will be expedited.

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