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Computational Intelligence in Management Science

Special issue call for papers from Kybernetes

Guest editors:

José M. Merigó – [email protected]
Sigifredo Laengle – [email protected]
Anna M. Gil Lafuente – [email protected]
Christian Cancino – [email protected]
Gustavo Zurita – [email protected]

This special issue focuses on new developments in computational intelligence with applications in management science. Computational intelligence is a modern research field that encompasses five general areas: fuzzy sets and systems, neural networks, evolutionary computation, probabilistic reasoning and other hybrid and related theories. The main objective of computational intelligence is to provide a set of methods and techniques for dealing with complex information. During the last years, computational intelligence is becoming a very popular topic in the scientific community and applications are appearing in a wide range of research areas. A significant field of real-world applications is management science because it connects with social sciences which usually deal with a lot of complex information.

By connecting these two general topics (computational intelligence and management science), this special issue aims to show the growing importance of methods and techniques in this area that can provide more efficient approaches to the decision makers in order to find better decisions and solutions. And in business and economics, this is of great interest because better decisions allow the decision maker to maximize the benefits and/or minimize the costs in a more efficient way.

Additionally, note that this special issue connects with the research developed by the Association for Modelling and Simulation in Enterprises (AMSE) that includes computational intelligence and management science as two of its main research interests. In this context, participants of the AMSE international conferences working in this area are strongly encouraged to submit a paper to this special issue. However, note that the special issue aims to reach all the scientific community interested in this field including academics as well as practitioners. Therefore, any author doing research regarding computational intelligence in management science is invited to submit a paper to the special issue.

Topics may include, but are not limited to:

•    Theoretical foundations of computational intelligence
•    Fuzzy sets and systems
•    Probabilistic computing
•    Neural networks
•    Evolutionary computation
•    Computational intelligence in management science
•    Computational intelligence in operations research
•    Computational intelligence in decision making
•    Expert Systems
•    Modelling and Simulation
•    Computational intelligence in management
•    Computational intelligence in finance
•    Computational intelligence in economics
•    Computational intelligence in marketing
•    Computational intelligence in accounting
•    Computational intelligence in other social sciences

Submission Guidelines

Papers submitted must be original, and comply with submission guidelines for Kybernetes. Papers must be submitted via the journal review management website. All articles will be subjected to a rigorous double blind peer review process. Initial enquiries can be made through email to the Guest Editors in the first instance.

Submission Deadlines:

•    31 July, 2018: Submission deadline.
•    5 September, 2018: Review results.
•    30 September, 2018: Resubmission deadline.
•    31 October, 2018: Review results.
•    30 November, 2018: 2nd resubmission deadline (if necessary).
•    31 December, 2018: Final review results (it may include a 3rd resubmission).
•    31 January, 2019: Submission of the special issue to the journal.