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Fame-Seeking And Celebrity In Interactive Marketing

Special issue call for papers from Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing

Guest Editor

Prof. David Taylor, John F. Welch College of Business, Sacred Heart University, USA TBD


In an era where reality shows, combined with social media, have transformed the Kardashian family into brand juggernauts and a reality show host into the US presidency, fame and celebrity has never been more valuable – nor has it ever been more accessible.

The Internet - particularly social media applications like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and SnapChat -- has changed the nature of fame, celebrity and branding.  Every consumer now has access to a potential audience of millions with the click of a mouse.  The only constraint is the consumer’s ability to draw an audience.  In 2014, PBS’ Frontline explored this phenomenon in “Generation Like”, and it continues to grow.

The digital world allows consumers to interact with celebrities, communicate with them, and even become celebrities themselves.  Fame has become a currency, and fame-seeking is a key behavioral driver.

This special edition seeks to explore these processes through theoretically driven empirical research. Some of the topics of interest for this special edition include, but are not limited to:
•    Celebrity branding on social media
•    The rise of “ordinary” celebrities through social media and their influence on consumers
•    Fame-seeking as a motivation in consumer behavior
•    Online product endorsements by celebrities and their influence on purchase decisions
•    Fame-seeking on social media through conspicuous consumption or positioning oneself as a market maven
•    Product endorsements by “ordinary” celebrities vs. traditional celebrities

Deadline for submissions: February 10th

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