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Special Issue: Performance Management in Professional Team Sport

Special issue call for papers from Team Performance Management

Call for Papers for Team Performance Management

Introduction and Aims

The world of contemporary sport, at its elite end at least, presents a complex challenge for sport management as the product it delivers to participants and fans is so idiosyncratic (Smith and Stewart, 2010). This claim is accompanied by the view that while professional sport is in large part just another form of business, it has a range of special features that demand a customised set of practices to ensure its effective operation (Smith and Stewart, 2010). As such, professional sport is much more than just a business and is influenced by its rich history, emotional connections, tribal links and social relevance. Factors such as these are difficult to objectively measure yet they will have a bearing on the business performance of sporting teams. The intertwining of these factors creates a practical management dilemma for professional sports teams. Essentially, they must strategically position themselves to maximise performance both on and off the pitch whilst simultaneously satisfying a number of different stakeholders. The discipline of sport management has evolved considerably and the performance of professional sports teams should now be measured against multiple objectives or multiple institutional logics (Carlsson-Wall et al., 2016; Gammelsaeter, 2010).

Recent research in this area has related to aspects such as measuring performance (e.g. financial and sporting dimensions), examining the impact of factors that affect performance (e.g. management systems) and wider performance related issues (e.g. competitive balance, uncertainty of outcome and home advantage) (see Bullough et al., 2016; Plumley et al., 2017; Ramchandani, 2012; Wilson et al., 2016). It is this growing academic narrative that provides the context for this special issue on the theme of team performance management in professional team sports. An indicative list of anticipated themes is outlined below:
•    The finance/economics of professional team sport
•    Financial performance/health of professional teams and league(s)
•    Governance/regulatory issues in professional team sport (e.g. impact of Financial Fair Play)
•    Competitive balance/league structure in professional team sport
•    Managing home advantage in professional team sport
•    Managerial change in professional team sport

Guest Editors

Daniel Plumley Sheffield Hallam University, UK  [email protected]

Rob Wilson  Sheffield Hallam University, UK   [email protected]

Girish Ramchandani  Sheffield Hallam University, UK  [email protected]

The guest editors welcome conceptual or empirical papers related to any of the above themes, and others from a wider sport management context, across any professional sport team in any relevant country. Interested authors are required to submit a 300 word abstract to the guest editors by 15th December 2017. It should describe the context, method and potential contribution of the research. This abstract will be given brief feedback with the aim of guiding final submissions. Please see author guidelines for this journal here

Final Submission Deadline (for full papers): August 1st 2018


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