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Productivity Growth in India: Issues and Measurement

Guest Editors:

Surender Kumar [email protected]
Dibyendu Maiti [email protected]
Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi

What is the issue about?

This special issue focusses on ‘Productivity Growth in India: Issues and Measurement’. Productivity growth has appeared as the principal determinant of economic growth and development of any economy in the modern literature. How this has evolved and transformed economic growth of the Indian economy during the last six decades since Independence is still a topic of high debate among scholars and practitioners. This special issue of the Indian Growth and Development Review (IGDR) intends to further this debate, combining both theoretical and empirical works which has contemporary relevance to the economy. The emphasis is also  given on the comparative analysis between advanced and developing economies, identifying critical factors behind productivity dynamics, testing the hypotheses that big firms and MNCs are higher productivity firms and are innovative in comparison to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), investigating the degree of technological diffusion across firms and sectors, examining the debate on the productivity measurement etc. The effect of ICT on productivity dynamics would also be emphasized.

Specific topics we invite you to provide submissions on:

  • Productivity measurement: static and dynamic
  • Developments in productivity measurement: index number and production/distance functions based approaches, parametric and non-parametric approaches
  • Productivity growth in developed and developing countries
  • Are big firms or MNCs are more innovative relative to small and medium enterprises
  • SMEs and technological diffusion
  • Measurement and issues in sectoral productivity grwoth
  • Productivity measurement and the environment
  • Productivity measurement and the digital economy
  • Misallocation and productivity growth
  • Factors and channels of misallocation
  • Total factor productivity and capital accumulation
  • Informal economy and productivity growth

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