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Call for Special Issue Papers: Homeownership and entrepreneurship

Special issue call for papers from International Journal of Housing Markets and Analysis

Homeownership and entrepreneurship

Recently, it has been acknowledged the key role of the housing market in the proper functioning of the labor market. The current body of literature reports that housing market frictions and inefficiencies can generate labour market rigidities and increase unemployment (van Ewijk and van Leuvensteijn, 2009; Rupert and Wasmer, 2012; Blanchflower and Oswald, 2013). Also, Blanchflower and Oswald (2013) suggest that higher homeownership rates are also associated with fewer new businesses.
Nevertheless, the link between homeownership and entrepreneurship has been scarcely investigated, both theoretically and empirically. This is a very important shortcoming in the literature, since entrepreneurship and new businesses are usually associated with innovation and economic growth (Bracke, Hilber and Silva, 2014).

Indeed, research on homeownership omits a potential and explicit role for entrepreneurship and, at the same time, research on entrepreneurship neglects any potential labour market rigidities arising from homeownership (Heller and Stephenson, 2015). The connection between homeownership and entrepreneurship is also policy-relevant, as homeownership and entrepreneurship are both encouraged and related to the occupational and professional choices. Consequently, studies on the relation between homeownership and entrepreneurship could become a major research area.

The special issue encourages contributions within the context of Entrepreneurship and Homeownership that explore, but not limited to, any of the following topics:

•    The interplay between the housing and labour markets;
•    The role of credit and mortgage markets and their interaction in the professional and housing choices;
•    The bidirectional interaction between homeownership and the creation of new businesses;
•    The role and the effect of the externalities on the link between entrepreneurship and homeownership;
•    The analysis and the comparison of profit opportunities and entrepreneurial gains of outright homeowners, homeowners with mortgage payments and tenants.
•    The impact of housing tenure choices on the establishment of new firms, new small businesses, self-employment and on the development of existing enterprises.

Obviously, the list above is by no means exhaustive and we strongly encourage the submission of original and high-quality works that address other potentially interesting aspects of the relationship between entrepreneurship and homeownership.

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