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For publication in future issues of Journal of Enabling Technologies

Journal of Enabling Technologies invites the submission of papers.

About the Journal:

The Journal of Enabling Technologies (JET) is the new name for the Journal of Assistive Technologies (from 2017). This new name emphasises the main aim of the journal which has always been to provide a strong, insightful, international, and multi-disciplinary evidence base in health, social care, and education about how technologies can be enabling for children, young people and adults in many different aspects of their lives. Although the name is changing, the focus remains firmly on reporting innovations about how technologies are used and evaluated in practice, and the impact that they have on the people using them.

JET aims to raise awareness of available technologies and their uses for a wide and varied readership. The areas in which technologies can be enabling include, but are not limited to:
•    Communication and interaction
•    Learning
•    Independence and autonomy
•    Identity and culture
•    Safety
•    Health
•    Care and support
•    Wellbeing
•    Quality of life

Submissions can be made at the following link:
The journal’s author guidelines can be found here:

For further Information, please contact the editors:
Sarah Parsons

The University of Southampton, UK
[email protected]

John Woolham
Kings College London, UK
[email protected]