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A Big Data Analytics Approach to Quality, Reliability and Risk Management

Everything around us, at all times, produces Big Data (BD). The digital process and social media exchange provide it; communications and sensors systems transmit it. The development of smartphones and mobile devices increased the amount of it. The acquisition, the storing and managing of the data are the main steps for each analysed approaches with particular attention to the data quality. New systems modelling approach and statistical process control have to consider the increasing in the available information without losing their specificity. On the other hand, it is important to follow the information technology improvements and, in particular, the growing relevance of internet of things paradigms, according to the Industry 4.0 trend.

Some studies refer indirectly to the big data approach to Quality, Reliability and Risk Management but without specifications of the big data management methods. It is important to consider that data are not minor importance elements in our studies but, without them, no research could be carried out. In doing so, the special issue could provide useful guidelines for authors focusing the attention on the data management methods. In fact, an incorrect data management could undermine all the efforts for developing an accurate study.
As a direct consequence of the accelerating evolution of technology, this special issue wants to offer a forum for the latest developments for as concern all aspects of business and manufacturing improvements, innovations in processing and production to raise standards of product quality. The objective is to disseminate the fundamental theoretical knowledge necessary to support overall decision-making in the industry, defining guidelines for managing a vast amount of data efficiently and obtaining results useful and applicable in a practical context.

Topics should focus on all aspects of business and manufacturing improvements and innovations in processing and production to raise standards of product quality, in line with the journal topics. In particular, explicitly referring to Big Data and Internet of Things in:

  • Quality of Products and manufacturing processes;

  • Reliability Management of Systems;

  • Maintenance and availability;

  • System Modelling;

  • Statistical approaches for process control;

  • Product testing techniques and systems;

  • Productivity improvements and regulatory standards for quality;

  • Calibration and measurement approaches;

  • Risk Management

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Submission deadline - February 28 2018
Special Issue publication – Late 2018

For any specifications, do not hesitate to contact the Guest editors:

Prof. Filippo E. Ciarapica ([email protected] – Polytechnic University of Marche)
Eng. Giovanni Mazzuto, Ph.D. ([email protected] - Polytechnic University of Marche)