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World Congress on Islamic Economics and Finance

Conference call for papers from Humanomics

World Congress on Islamic Economics and Finance

Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University (IZU)
And Academy of Islamic Studies , University of Malaya (APIUM), July 10-16, 2017

Other Conferences

1.    July 10-13, 2017: Summer School in Islamic Economics and Finance
Topics to be determined by IZU on new dimensions of Islamic Economics and Finance.
2.    July 13-14, 2017: Consilience : Religion and Science
Consilience is a social and scientific term meaning unity of knowledge. By the term science in this forum of face-to-face discussion the socio-scientific field encompasses natural and social sciences. Within this field is economics, sociology, culture, education, religion; and their interaction with analytical dynamics. The emergent methodology arising from such a broad-based understanding of science and its interface with the specific topic of religion opens up serious dialogue that combines abstraction with empirical/practical applications. Presenters can discuss all issues and problems in the broad area of consilience.
3.    July 15-16, 2017: International Conference in Islamic Economics and Finance

New areas of research and practitioner perspectives in Islamic Economics and Finance:

•    Theory and methodology of the field of Islamic economics and finance;
•     abstraction, methodology, and the axiomatic science of Islamic economics and finance;
•    Topics in the applications and practice of Islamic economics and finance;
•    Institutional aspects of Islamic economics and finance: policy coordination;
•    Islamic economic and financial coordination;
•    Financial integration and a blueprint of the ummah in terms of money, finance, and the real economy, macroeconomic stabilization;
•    Trade and socioeconomic development;
•    Human resource development and technological change; 
•    Financing of life-fulfilment regimes of development.

Presented paper in all sections of the congress will be reviewed for publication in any of the three academic outlets:

  • Journal of Islamic Economics and Finance (IZU)
  • Humanomics, International Journal of Systems and Ethics (SCOPUS, Web of Science ESCI, Australian Business Deans Council Journal Ranking List)
  • Journal of Ethics, Economics, Finance, and Society (JEEFS), Cambridge Scholars Publication, Cambridge, UK.
  • Expensives will be borne by participants
  • Use these guidelines when writing your paper: Author Guidelines

Please send the papers to either of the following:

1. Professor Dr. Masudul A. Choudhury: [email protected]
2. Ms. Hafsa Zeynab Orhan: [email protected]