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Entrepreneurship in Africa: exploring entrepreneurial behaviour and small business practice within emerging contexts

Special issue call for papers from Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development

Guest Editors
Professor Paul Jones (Coventry University, UK)
Professor Gideon Maas (Coventry University, UK)
Dr Stephen Dobson (Coventry University, UK)
Dr Daniel Agyapong (University of Cape Coast, Ghana)
Dr Robert Newbery (University of Newcastle, UK)

The phenomenon of entrepreneurship behaviour in the developed world is well recorded within the academic literature. However, literature observing entrepreneurial behaviour and small business practice on the African continent is less prominent especially within international journals. The entrepreneurial dynamic in Africa is rapidly evolving in the face of economic, political, technological and cultural change sweeping the continent. There is widespread recognition for the need for effective entrepreneurial behaviour to ease a myriad of systemic problems including high graduate unemployment, endemic poverty, economic growth inequality, corruption, excessive bureaucracy, ineffective infrastructure and a lack of enterprise support mechanisms. Moreover, research into entrepreneurial behaviours remains limited in the complex and heterogeneous African context. This special issue seeks to provide improved and increased understanding of the phenomena and offer recommendations for enhanced policy and practice across the African continent. Topics should consider but are not limited to:

Comparative country level studies of entrepreneurial behaviour and small business practice.
Diaspora entrepreneurship, trans-national diasporas and entrepreneurial networks.
Enabling opportunity / systemic entrepreneurship.
Ethnic entrepreneurship, spatial and temporal dimensions of ethnic minority businesses.
Family businesses.
Gender studies of entrepreneurial behaviour and small business practice.
Necessity and ‘copy-cat’ entrepreneurship and its evaluation.
Studies considering entrepreneurship education and its role in Africa.
Studies highlighting examples of best practice to enhance entrepreneurial behaviour or small business practice.
Studies of entrepreneurial behaviour or small business practice in a national and regional context.
Studies of rural entrepreneurship.
Technology usage as an enabler of entrepreneurial behaviour and small business practice.
The emergence of entrepreneurial activity in new industry sectors.
The role and emergence of social enterprise.
The role of transformational entrepreneurship in engendering change.

Studies will be considered in a comparative, regional, national or international context and can include case histories of entrepreneurial behaviour and small business practice, qualitative/quantitative or mixed method studies. The special issue would also welcome usage of novel or nascent data analysis methods. The special issue would particularly welcome submissions from African academics. All submissions will be subject to a rigorous double blind peer review process. 

Initial enquiries should be directed toward Professor Paul Jones on:
[email protected]

The last submission date for papers to the call will be February 28th 2017. Submissions to this special issue should be prepared according to the Author Guidelines for the journal and must be made through the JSBED ScholarOne submission site:
Please ensure the correct special issue title is selected on the 4th page of the submission process.

About the Journal

The Journal of Small Business & Enterprise Development is a major international research journal dedicated to the formulation, development, implementation and evaluation of enterprise policy. Theoretical research articles and evidence-based case studies seek to explore best practice, investigate strategies for growth, and to assist and inform those responsible for the management of SMEs. Papers accepted for publication are double-blind refereed to ensure academic integrity.

Guest Editorial Team
Prof Paul Jones is a Professor in Entrepreneurship at Coventry University. His current focus of research is entrepreneurial activity within Africa. Prof Jones has published his work in leading international journals such as “International Small Business Journal”, “Environment and Planning C”, “Omega” and “Journal of Business Research”.  Prof Jones is currently the Editor-in-Chief for the “International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research” and Associate Editor for the “International Journal of Management Education”. Prof Jones has previously successfully co-edited special editions with the “Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development”, “Education+ Training”, “Strategic Change”, “International Journal of Management Education” and “Journal of Systems and Information Technology”. Prof Jones is a visiting Professor with Anglia Ruskin and Manchester Metropolitan University and Vice President (Research) of the Board of Trustees of the Institute of Small Business and Entrepreneurship.

Prof Gideon Maas is the Director of the International Centre for Transformational Entrepreneurship at Coventry University.  Prof Maas has broad international business and academic experiences in various countries.  Within the academic environment Prof Maas has created various entrepreneurship centres at different universities over the past years, developed and implemented undergraduate and post-graduate modules and programmes focusing specifically on enterprise and entrepreneurship.  Recently Prof Maas has created the Africa Institute for Transformational Entrepreneurship to assist African countries in supporting sustainable socio-economic growth.  Prof Maas’s research focus and experiences are in entrepreneurship, open innovation, growth strategies, entrepreneurial universities, implementation of entrepreneurial systems and family businesses.  His research activities are industry and academic related and has published various books and articles in the public domain.  He was also the principal researcher and author of the 2006 and 2007 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Reports for South Africa. Professor Maas is currently a Visiting Professor at Anglia-Ruskin University and Vice President (Policy and Practice) of the Board of Trustees of the Institute of Small Business and Entrepreneurship.
Dr Stephen Dobson is a Senior Research Fellow at the International Centre for Transformational Entrepreneurship and is an interdisciplinary scholar with research interests in smart cities and entrepreneurial urbanism, entrepreneurial management practice and innovation, and also digital entrepreneurship.  He has a PhD in Urban Planning and has worked on many programmes of enterprise and innovation research and impact evaluation.  Dr Dobson has served as the UK representative on the management committee of the European Academy of Management (EURAM) 2010-15 and is the Book Reviews Editor for the “International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation”. He has produced over 70 academic outputs including conference papers, journal articles, book chapters and an edited book.

Dr Daniel Agyapong is a Senior Lecturer in Finance and Entrepreneurship at University of Cape Coast. He is also the Executive Secretary of Educational Research and Network Ltd, an educational and economic research consultancy. He holds a PhD, MPhil, PG.Dip, and an Associate Member of Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK. His areas of interest are youth development and entrepreneurial finance, international collaboration and e-learning. He has published on financial markets integration, foreign exchange markets and Small and Medium Enterprises in both domestic and international journals. Some of his article titles include Micro Level Analysis of the Market Orientation – Small Business Financial Performance Nexus, Criteria for Assessing Small Business Borrowers, Doing Business in Africa and Ghana, Electronic Waste Menace in Ghana, Impact of Socio-cultural Systems on the Growth of Small Family Businesses in Ghana; Alternative Model for Financing SMEs in Ghana; A Content Analysis of the Business Opportunities in the Oil and Gas Industry in Ghana; Innovation and Management of Financial Institutions in Ghana. He has produced over 40 academic outputs including a book chapter, conference papers and journal articles.

Dr Robert Newbery is a Senior Lecturer in Enterprise and Innovation at Newcastle University and has worked extensively in Asia, Africa, Europe and North America. He has founded and run a number of entrepreneurial businesses having a PhD, MSc, MBA and BSc. He is Principal Investigator for a Comic Relief funded project ‘Scaling innovative rural distribution for farmer inputs’ in Kenya, conducts research with Maasai groups and is developing an Enterprise Education East Africa network with colleagues in East Africa, the UK and North America. Robert publishes on rural entrepreneurship within the developed and developing contexts (including co-authoring a 2013 report for DfID entitled Supporting Enterprise Education in East Africa) and conducts consultancy to measure the impact of various entrepreneurial initiatives (such as YouWin! Nigeria and the ICURE programme, UK). He is currently co-editing a special edition of the “International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation” focused on rural entrepreneurship theory in the developed and developing context. Dr Newbery is a visiting Reader with Plymouth University in the UK.