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Social Enterprise in Oceania: Evidence, Opportunities and Challenges

Special issue call for papers from Social Enterprise Journal

Editors: Chris Mason, Cristina Neesham & Jo Barraket

Social enterprises contribute significantly to communities across Oceania, and we have witnessed an incredible surge in interest in social enterprise and entrepreneurship among scholars, practitioners, policy makers and the general public (Barraket, Mason and Blain 2016). Yet, for reasons that remain unclear, evidence of social enterprise practice and theorising from this region remains somewhat marginal to global debates in the field, despite influential work undertaken (Barraket, Mason and Blain 2016, Luke and Chu 2013). This Special Issue aims to go some way to address this.

Therefore, for this Special Issue, we seek contributions to social enterprise theory and evidence with a particular focus on scholars and scholarship from across Oceania. We aim to be inclusive of theoretical and methodological variety, and encourage alternative approaches to capturing evidence and building and testing theories.

There are many strong themes present in social enterprise discourses in the region. For example, we are still to see how well social enterprises fit with government agendas across the region. Innovation has become a core theme of political discourse across the region, with considerable emphasis placed on its conducive influence of economic recovery and growth, and its transformative effect on welfare service provision (for example, the National Disability Insurance Scheme in Australia). We are yet to clearly see how social enterprise, and social innovation more broadly, fits in such policy discourses. This is especially pertinent given a number of recent studies in the region, that have explored different aspects of the social enterprise ‘ecosystem’.

A non-exhaustive list of suggested lines of inquiry includes:
How do we enable effective social enterprise start-up and maturation?
What organisational and environmental factors enable social enterprises to scale their social impacts?
What (macro and meso) policy conditions support social enterprise innovation?
How do intermediaries enable (or constrain) innovation amongst social enterprises?
How are new resourcing models and instruments influencing social enterprise development?
What social innovations are social enterprise introducing to civil society and/or mainstream markets? How do they achieve this?

Enquiries should be directed to the editor of the special editors of the Social Enterprise Journal, Chris Mason: [email protected]. The deadline for initial paper submissions is 6th February 2017. Submitted papers should follow SEJ submission guidelines and be written in good English to be fully considered.
Submissions to the Special Issue must be made through the ScholarOne submission site for SEJ ( Please ensure that the correct Special Issue is selected from the drop down menu on page 4 of the submission process.

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