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Contemporary issues in social enterprise education

Special issue call for papers from Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance: The International journal of business in society is pleased to invite papers for a special issue on "Contemporary issues in social enterprise education".

Overview of the Theme
Social enterprise and associated themes of innovation and entrepreneurship are gaining increased acknowledgment in mainstream corporate and management literature in response to the rise of hybrid organisations and activities emerging across and between business, government and civil society spheres. Business, policy makers and educators recognize both the social and economic value created through such activity and the importance of ensuring good governance. The increased interest in social enterprise has been met with programs to deliver social enterprise education. Despite recognition of the importance of social enterprise education we still see evidence of important systems failing in our society.

Key to our continual progress in this area is the view that education is not just the concern of academics. All stakeholders in an organisation are impacted by education practice, policy, and outcomes. In this regard attention to emerging issues should be a perpetual concern. Careful consideration must be given to both the impact and sustainability of knowledge creation now and in the future. The educational challenge of considering emerging social enterprise issues across a range of organisation types and activities is substantial. At a macro level questions include where best to locate such education? For example are these hybrid activities best considered in a focused ‘niche’ programme or qualification, or are the interests of all better served if such content is incorporated into mainstream management education? At a micro level there are opportunities to consider key influences such as leadership and corporate social responsibility strategies. As social enterprise scholarship continues to deepen and increasingly incorporates critical perspectives, the challenge of continuing theoretical developments while still informing and developing practice intensifies. There is some indication that long term systemic change requires a holistic approach that integrates the views of all stakeholders. Re-thinking these issues requires continual grassroots education and training.

The special issue of Corporate Governance “Contemporary issues in social enterprise education,” allows us to consider education from multiple stakeholder perspectives, providing opportunities to focus on both practical and pedagogical concerns. As such this issue will be of interest to both scholars and practitioners.

Papers may address the subthemes listed below, but do not necessarily have to be limited to these. General topics on social enterprise education are also welcome.

- Social enterprise and entrepreneurship
- Integrating corporate governance and social responsibility into education
- Role of mentoring
- Experiential education
- Influence of UN Principles of Management Education
- Role of critical pedagogy
- Creating a climate for entrepreneurial action
- Stakeholder engagement in social enterprise education

Completed papers of between 5,000-7,000 words in length should be submitted via the Corporate Governance online submission site no later than June, 2016: (select the correct special issue from the dropdown menu).

- Full paper submission: June 30, 2016
- Revised paper submissions: September 30, 2016
- Expected formal publication date (print and online): January 2017

Submissions should follow Corporate Governance author guidelines at

Contact Details
Guest Editors
Nitha Palakshappa, Senior Lecturer, School of Communication, Journalism and Marketing, Massey University - [email protected]

Suzanne Grant, Senior Lecturer, Waikato Management School, University of Waikato - [email protected]