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Entrepreneurial university: Geographical and strategic differences around the world

Special issue call for papers from Journal of Management Development

Rosa Caiazza - Professor of Management at Parthenope University of Napels, Italy
Scott Shane - Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies at Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University, USA
Graziella Ferrara - Professor of Economic Geography at Suor Orsola Benincasa, Italy

Entrepreneurial university emerges where universities have to perform teaching, research and contributing to the regional economy simultaneously. One of the most important mechanisms that universities have to generate and transfer value to society is the creation of new enterprises by research faculty. Specifically, the creation of academic spin-offs is the most visible forms of innovation and technology transfer aimed at the commercialization of research. Academic spin-offs have relevant importance to reach a region high level of innovation and economic growth. However, one of the main challenges for researchers is to identify factors that affect universities’ ability to generate spin-offs and their effects on the whole region development.

Scholars are increasingly interested on factors affecting academic spin-offs around the world positioning entrepreneurial university at the intersection between several research domains such as management, geography, and economy. Thus, recent debates have widened the scope from purely business development to broader issues of sustaining innovation ecosystems, governance, geography, citizens’ involvement and strategic planning. Moreover, the role of the university is debated in view of the tension between the global ranking focus of university management and the time and resources required for local engagement.

Thus, the goal of this special issue is to learn from a variety of perspectives the macro and micro drivers of geographical and strategic differences among entrepreneurial universities around the world.

Suitable research questions for the special issue include, but are not limited to:
• What is the role of Entrepreneurial University in the global world?
• What are the external and internal factors that affect Entrepreneurial University?
• What are the macro and micro factors that affect Entrepreneurial University?
• What is the most effective mix of research and entrepreneurship?
• What is the role of entrepreneurial culture?
• How does an Entrepreneurial University face demand of society?
• Which activities of Entrepreneurial University affect regional development?
• Which outcomes of Entrepreneurial University have more socio-economic impacts?
• How can the effects of Entrepreneurial University on regional development be measured?

The Guest Editors encourage submissions of empirical and conceptual articles:
• Applying an interdisciplinary approach referring to Geography, Entrepreneurship and Management;
• Incorporating a well-founded mixed-method design;
• Evidencing cross-national differences among entrepreneurial universities;
• Identifying limitations in existing studies;
• Challenging or extending existing theory;
• Identifying areas for future research;

Submission instructions
• Manuscripts should be between 4,000 and 7,000 words and formatted according to the journal author guidelines
• Submissions must be received by 30th June 2016
• Authors should indicate that the manuscript is for this special issue  when submitting through the ScholarOne system (

Further Information:
For questions regarding the content of this special issue, please contact the guest editor:
[email protected]