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Kids and Retailing: Future trends

Special issue call for papers from International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management

Guest Editor:

Prof. Brigitte de Faultrier will be the Guest Editor of this Special Issue with the ESSCA Research Lab. in Retailing based at ESSCA School of Management, Angers in France. 

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The Kids and Retailing research topic has been growing in popularity and currency over the last two years. It is of particular interest because kids and young people have been shown to have an increasing buying power and power of influence in the retail sector. Previous studies on children have shown the potential for a rich and broad area of theoretical contributions from retail and distribution management scholars due to the characteristics of this new generation of children.

A number of research areas like consumer behaviour throughout the retail process, virtual, digital and physical retailing through the high street and internet, distribution management and channels to market, retail marketing communication, ethical and societal issues within the retailing context, including different countries is impacted. That is why the overarching theme for the Special Issue is an understanding of the ‘Future Trends in Kids and Retailing’ as young consumers increasingly influence the retailing environment in so many ways.

The Special Issue:

The Special Issue is aimed at capturing and informing the different drivers and contributions of future trends to the retail experience applied to children and young people and gain a greater understanding of the varied influencing topic areas. In the last decade the number of papers and books dealing with kids has significantly increased, highlighting the importance of the young consumer in the retail consumption context. However there has been limited contextualisation of the connection between the retailer and children to provide a greater understanding of their interaction.
The retail sector is currently confronting a number of serious issues like continuing challenging economic conditions, new pure player dominance and powerful supplier brand selling concepts. These contexts drive retailers to radically change their business models in the way of becoming omnichannel and deeply customers-oriented while reshaping their stores to demonstrate more sense of identity, more humanity and more merchant sale points.  It raises the question of the place of the children in all these changes and in the development of cross channel strategy. Young consumers provide a substantial and diverse market as categories of products linked with children account for more than 50% of the household’s expenses. Numerous categories of products are concerned, such as toys, snacking, sweets and fashion products. The social responsability of the retailers is an important agenda and has to be part of the education of the children. But kids are a complex target audience that needs a particular attention from the retailers. Kids form a double target as their parents or guardians have to be taken into account as a secondary target and they are also a sensitive target because as juveniles so they need to be protected from unsolicited and unwanted attention.

Contents focus:

Papers on all topics related to the research and practice for the child consumers and retailing processes are welcome. The topics may include, but are not limited to:

• Holistic approach to kids, retailing and beyond
• Future role of store and technology when selling products for children
• Impact of technology on the power of children in the family purchases
• Understanding young consumer behaviour in the retail process
• Multiple channel retailing for young consumers
• Internet based retailing strategies when children are concerned
• Distribution management and channels to market for kids
• Ethical and societal issues throughout the retail supply process such as sexualisation of children or the purchase incentive
• Different country considerations for kids and retailing
• Cultural considerations
• Kids preferences in different sales channels
• Experiential marketing applied to kids in a physical and digital commercial space
• Children and digital marketing channels: m-commerce (smartphones and tablets) f-commerce (social network) and y-commerce (YouTube)
• Children socialisation processes throughout the retail environment
• Children's relationship to  the retailer  brand
• Understanding  children’ s mindset and motivations for retail activities

Final papers must be submitted by August 31st 2015

Papers should be submitted via ScholarOne: