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Management, Accounting and Sustainable Transformation

Special issue call for papers from Qualitative Research in Accounting & Management

Management, Accounting and Sustainable Transformation.

Sustainable transformation requires a critical re-evaluation of organisational management, accounting and accountability processes. Understanding how management and accounting interact within organisations to enable (or obstruct) organisational sustainable transformation is important, but these changes will have to be complemented by system level changes in the governance of natural environment, social sustainability and economic stability. Therefore, understanding how management and accounting interact to transform these governance systems is also important. Exploring the appropriateness of different configurations of organisational management and accounting practices with systems of sustainability governance and accountability practices is an under-developed field and a gap that this special issue seeks to address.

This special issue of QRAM invites theoretical and empirical submissions from a range of interdisciplinary perspectives that explore the impact of accounting and management in public, corporate, non-profit and intermediary/hybrid organizations, as well as their inter-relationship with systems of governance and accountability relating to ecological, social and economic sustainability.

In this context a number of questions emerge, including:
•How transferable are sustainable management and accounting processes between different systems of sustainable governance?
•Are there any assemblages of organisational management practices, accounting practices and systems of sustainable governance that are more effective in enabling sustainable transformations?
•How can organisations manage and account for the global risks of unsustainable development?
•Can management and accounting inform the development of effective forms of sustainable governance?
•What constitutes effective forms of accountability for sustainable transformation?
•How transferable are sustainable organisational management and accounting practices between different organisational forms?

Submissions are invited that address these, and other related, questions. In particular, we welcome papers that explore the inter-connectedness and alignment of accounting, management, governance and accountability mechanisms to a range of different aspects of sustainable transformation. These aspects include:
•Ecological sustainability: energy, climate change, biodiversity, waste management, land and water pollution.
•Social sustainability: social inequality, hunger, safety, diversity, poverty, health, human rights.
•Economic stability: public debt, financial and capital markets, wealth distribution, income inequality, taxation.

Submission process
Submissions are due by 30th May 2015. Authors are welcome to contact the Guest Editors in advance to discuss their proposed topics.
Manuscripts should be prepared and submitted in accordance with QRAM guidelines (see and will be subject to QRAM’s regular double-blind review process. All submissions must be made via QRAM’s online system at: (please specify that your submission is to the special issue on (‘‘Management, Accounting and Sustainable Transformation”).

For further information, please contact the Guest Editors:
Professor Ian Thomson, Heriot-Watt University,Tel: +44 131 451 4342, E-mail: [email protected]
Professor Katharina Spraul, Technische Universität Kaiserslautern, Tel:  +49 631 205-5564, Email: [email protected].