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Third International Conference on Lean Six Sigma for Higher Education

Conference call for papers from International Journal of Lean Six Sigma

Making Higher Education Institutions Efficient and Effective through Lean Six Sigma Deployment

Date: 8th and 9th June 2015

Venue: Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK


The Third International Conference on Lean Six Sigma for Higher Education will explore the transformation of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) through the deployment of Lean Six Sigma. Lean Six Sigma is a powerful business strategy that increases process performance, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction and improved bottom line results in hard cash savings. It has been widely used in industry for over 10 years, but its application in the context of HEI’s is still in the embryonic stages.

There is a clear misconception across many public sector organizations that Lean Six Sigma is suited solely to manufacturing companies, however the situation within the HE sector is very similar to that of firms within the manufacturing and service industry - facing fierce competition, limited budget availability, government funding slashed and students adopting a consumer approach to their learning.

This conference aims to highlight that both Lean and Six Sigma have a role to play in developing HEI’s processes by improving efficiency and creating a student-centric approach for greater student retention.

Conference Topics

•How to improve business process efficiency and effectiveness within HE sector organsiations?
•What is the status of Six Sigma and Lean strategies in the HE sector today?
•What lessons HEIs can learn from other public sector rganisations?
•How do we know HEIs are ready for LSS?
•What challenges are to be encountered during the development of these two strategies in the HE sector and how to overcome them?
•How to get started on the Six Sigma and/or Lean Journey in any HE setting?
•How do we select the right projects in an HE setting?
•What is the role of Senior Executives in deploying Lean/Six Sigma within the HE sector?
•What tools and techniques are relevant for improving efficiency and effectiveness in a HE context?
•What is the role of Systems Thinking and how do we integrate it with Lean Six Sigma for better process optimization?
Who should attend this conference?
•Vice Chancellors, Deans & Head of Departments of HEIs
•Senior Managers in HEIs
•Academics and Researchers engaged in Lean/Six Sigma/Lean Six Sigma
•Directors of Support/Administrative sections of Faculty/Schools
•Six Sigma Professionals
•Lean Professionals
•Quality Management Professionals
•Quality and Six Sigma consultants

Further Information

For enquiries related to the conference programme, paper abstracts and paper submissions contact Professor Jiju Antony: [email protected]  

For general enquiries, including bookings, contact Peter Gerrard: [email protected]