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Sustainability, Institutions, and Internationalization in Emerging Markets: Roles of Sustainable Innovation for Sustainable World Development

Special issue call for papers from International Journal of Emerging Markets

Firm innovation and internationalization in emerging markets are intertwined with sustainability and the need for sustainable world development. Economic dimensions of sustainability focus on increased return on investment, increased revenue (extended markets and accelerated product/service innovation), lower cost, and reduced assets, leading to reductions in wastes and financial risk; environmental concerns encompass voluntary or regulated activities to protect, conserve and restore ecosystems and natural resources (e.g., climate change policies, preservation of natural resources, and minimization and prevention of toxic wastes); and social dimensions address conditions and actions that specifically affect humanity (e.g., poverty, unemployment, education, injustice, human health and rights). The need for sustainability is critical for the developing world to ensure long-term business success while significantly contributing towards sustainable world development through a healthy environment and a stable society.

Within this special IJoEM issue, we intend to raise questions in the context of sustainability, international business and emerging economies similar to the ones raised by Peng, Wang, and Jiang (2008)1: 1) What drives firm strategy in international business? 2) What determines the success and failure of firms around the world? and the key question in emerging economies, posed as 3) “How to play the game, when the rules of the game are changing and not completely known?” (Peng et al., 2008). Any contribution that furthers these topics, or related ones, in the context of MNCs in emerging markets is most welcome. In line with the above topic, we are editing a special issue of the International Journal of Emerging Markets (IJoEM) examining these issues. The special issue will feature best papers from the Academy of International Business Southeast (AIB-SE) chapter meetings to be held in Miami, Florida in October 2014.

Topics for inclusion (among others)

We welcome papers within the broadly defined subject theme area from all the major disciplines in business and management studies, including: strategy, international business, organizational behaviour and cross-cultural management, marketing, operations and decision sciences, finance and accounting, international trade and business economics. Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Sustainability as a driver for innovation, growth and internationalization – analyses from developed and developing world
  • The role of sustainability and institutions in promoting or constraining innovation in emerging markets
  • Factors impacting the geographic clustering of internationalization efforts in sustainability worldwide
  • The impact of distance on sustainable innovation and internationalization
  • The effect of internationalization on sustainable innovation within a company or geographic region
  • The role of institutions in promoting or constraining inward and outward internationalization
  • Managerial mindsets needed for sustainable innovation and internationalization in emerging markets
  • Cross-cultural collaboration in sustainable innovation efforts
  • The marketing of sustainable innovations in emerging markets vis-à-vis the developed world
  • Theoretical and Empirical contributions to the field of sustainability, institutions, and emerging markets


Deadlines, Submission Guidelines and Co-Editor Information

Submissions for the special issue will be taken from the best papers of the 2014 AIB-SE conference, along with a general call. Based on the review processes for the respective conferences, top rated papers will be invited to go through additional review to be considered for the special issue. Papers selected for consideration will need to be formally submitted to IJoEM. Specific instructions will be provided to the authors at this time. General submissions to the special issue are also welcome, and should be submitted through the IJoEM website: The deadline for submissions is December 15, 2014. For general submission guidelines, see: For additional information on the 2014 AIB-SE Conference, see:

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1. Peng, M., Wang, D, & Jiang, Y. (2008). An institution-based view of international business strategy: A focus on emerging economies. Journal of International Business Studies, 39, 920–926.