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Religion and Marketing in the Asia Pacific Region

Special issue call for papers from Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics

Guest editor: Dr Riza Casidy, Deakin University, Australia

Introduction and Theme

This special issue focuses on the relationship between religion and marketing in the Asia Pacific Region (APR). Religion has been an important factor affecting human behaviours, values, and attitudes for many centuries. Studies in the past have examined the impact of religion on consumer behaviour (Kim Shyan & Waller, 2003), management style (Hill, 2007), and business to business relationships (Iyer, 1999).

Western perspectives on religious influences have been formed by separations of religion and secular activities. The Eastern perspective, however, see religions as a key influence in affecting all aspects of lifestyles. Hinduism dominates Indian lifestyles (Jordan, 1998) and Islam significantly influences Middle Eastern lifestyles (Lewis, 1995). Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism have been important in shaping East Asian lifestyles (Nigosian, 1990)

Religion holds a particular importance in Asia Pacific region, but little attention has been devoted to examine the relationship between religion and marketing in the region.  APJML in this special issue seeks to publish cutting edge information on the relationship between religion and marketing in the Asia Pacific. Papers are invited from scholars focusing on the APR and dealing with (but not limited to) the following topics:

. Religion and consumer attitude to advertising
. Religion and marketing ethics
. Religion and food/agribusiness marketing
. Religion and tourism
. Religion and relationship marketing
. Religion and small business marketing
. Religious appeals in marketing communication
. Measurement of consumer religiosity
. Superstitions and consumer behaviour

Submission information

The deadline for submission is July 31st, 2014. Submitted manuscripts should follow the format as indicated in the author guidelines on the journal web site:

All papers will go through a double blind peer review process. Please submit all manuscripts as double-spaced MS Word files with all tables and figures included as part of the manuscript. Manuscripts and questions pertaining to the special issue should be submitted to the special issue Guest Editor at:

Dr. Riza Casidy
Deakin University
Melbourne, Australia
[email protected]


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