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Call for papers - Knowledge and Innovation across Cultures

Journal call for papers from Cross Cultural & Strategic Management

Special issue guest edited by Yingying Zhang, J-C Spender and Claudio Petti

Knowledge and innovation emerge as the focus for organization and management studies within the globalized and technology speedy world of today’s business. Knowledge and innovation become especially globalized as technological changes reshape the ways managers carry out their work. Consequently many researchers consider business model, business process, and business strategy innovation the principal determinants of firm performance, and imply the firm’s knowledge is its main means to gain and sustain competitive advantage.

Different angles and approaches have been taken by scholars until now to study and understand organizational knowledge and innovation. Ikujiro Nonaka’s humanistic approach to knowledge management is one of them, shaping the way managers understand and practice organizational activities.

Beyond studying the impacts of technological advance on society at large, how knowledge and innovation management occurs in different business settings has been less studied or understood. For instance, is knowledge and innovation managed in the same way across different countries or different industries? Likewise we can query whether knowledge and innovation management are global phenomena or vary according to culture.

With such questions in mind, this Special Issue aims to bring together studies carried out from many different points of view to examine organizational knowledge and innovation, as well as the related fields of entrepreneurship and organizational learning. 

Suggested themes

The Special Issue calls for both theoretical and empirical work that addresses following questions or related ones, though the list is more suggestive than prescriptive:

  1. Does national culture intervene in the process of knowledge and innovation management in organizations? What are its influences and how does it evolve?
  2. Do multinationals manage knowledge and innovation similarly or differently in developed economies versus developing economies? How does that impact the different areas labeled entrepreneurship, organizational learning, and absorptive capability?
  3. Can the specifics of organizational knowledge and innovation management processes and activities in different country and industry settings be surfaced and measured? For instance, do formal and informal institutional factors affect knowledge and innovation activities of an emerging economy’s firms? Do technology-intensive firms or industries differ from consumer goods firms or industries in their knowledge management practices? Do technology parks or business clusters function in the same way across countries?  

How to submit

All submissions to this Special Issue will be put through Cross Cultural Management’s formal review process.

For information on format authors should consult Cross Cultural Management’s submission style guide.

The deadline for submission is June 30th, 2014. Please submit manuscripts via ScholarOne at

About the Guest Editors

Yingying Zhang, CUNEF, Complutense University of Madrid, Spain
[email protected]

Yingying Zhang is an Associate Professor of Management and Organization at CUNEF, Complutense University of Madrid and Director of CUNEF Centre for Knowledge and Innovation. Recently she was selected as one of six participants in an EU video project "EU-China: A Success Story" for the career achievement. Her current research interests include knowledge and innovation, cultural values, Chinese management, and dynamic international strategic HRM. Besides of more than 10 contributions of books and book chapters, she also publishes in scientific journals such as Cross Cultural Management, Management and Organization Review, The Journal of Service Industries, International Journal of Human Resource Management, and Human Resource Management Review. She currently serves on the editorial review board of Management and Organization Review, and guest editor for a special issue "Rising Powers from Emerging Economies" at International Business Review.

John-Christopher Spender, ESADE (Spain)
[email protected]

JC Spender is a Visiting Professor at ESADE and elsewhere. He is the author or co-author of many papers and book chapters on cultural, strategic, and knowledge management issues, and of several books, most recently Robert R. Locke & JC Spender, (2011) Confronting Managerialism: How the Business Elite and Their Schools Threw Our Lives Out of Balance (Zed Books) and Alan Burton-Jones & JC Spender (eds.), (2011) The Oxford Handbook of Human Capital, Oxford University Press. A new forthcoming text, JC Spender, (2014) Business Strategy: Managing Uncertainty, Opportunity, and Enterprise (Oxford University Press), presents a novel entrepreneurial or strategic practice grounded on the work of Frank Knight. Spender is continuing to write continue around this topic, fleshing out his ‘theory of the managed firm’ (TMF).

Claudio Petti, Department of Engineering for Innovation, University of Salento , Italy
[email protected]

Claudio Petti is Assistant Professor at the Department of Engineering for Innovation University of Salento. His research activities are in the field of Entrepreneurship, Technology Innovation Management and Strategy, with particular focus on Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship. From October 2009 to March 2011 he has been a visiting scholar at the Sun Yat-Sen Business School to investigate the factors influencing Chinese enterprises’ technological innovation and entrepreneurship capabilities. His recent works on this topic has been published on International Journals such as Frontiers of Business Research in China and Measuring Business Excellence. Besides numerous conference proceedings he edited two books with Edward Elgar Publishing on Technological Entrepreneurship, the latest entirely focused on China. He participated as a speaker on China technology and innovation in numerous conferences and workshops in Italy and in China. Overall he published more than 30 works in international journals, referred conferences proceedings and books.