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Special Issue on Chinese Globalization

Journal call for papers from International Journal of Emerging Markets

Edited by Christoph Lattemann and Ilan Alon   

About the special issue

Globalization is increasingly being shaped by the non-Western world, most notably China. It is a staggering fact that China’s development during the past three decades has outpaced the growth rates of England during the industrial revolution. The country is in the process of becoming the largest economy of the planet and a powerful political, financial and even cultural actor on a global stage.

In this context, we are editing a special issue with the International Journal of Emerging Markets (IJoEM) examining China’s globalization.  We seek multi-disciplinary approaches, which can include analyses of China’s businesses, economic, social, legal and political systems, and ethical and social structures.

Topics to be considered (among others)

•    China-specific and existing theories to explain globalization of Chinese enterprises
•    Region specific topics: Chindia, China & Asia; Africa; Americas; Europe; Australia
•    China and political transformation, institutional change, and international organizations
•    Government procurement and negotiations with China
•    China’s state capitalism and the crisis of Western capitalism
•    Business-government relations in China’s globalization
•    Chinese government policies and enterprise globalization
•    Chinas geopolitical role and policies towards acquisition of natural and strategic resources
•    The impact of Chinese firms on global politics and economics
•    OFDI of Chinese companies in Europe/Asia/Americas/Africa/Australia
•    Trade policies and flows with Europe/Asia/Americas/Africa/Australia
•    The role of ownership & corporate governance in globalization of Chinese companies
•    Managing and organizing in Chinese companies/subsidiaries abroad
•    China’s globalization and corporate social responsibility
•    Innovation, techno-entrepreneurship, e-commerce, online development
•    Marketing and Chinese brands
•    China’s human resources development
•    Chinese global entrepreneurs
•    Case studies on international mergers and acquisitions of Chinese firms


The deadline to submit a final full paper for this special issue is Friday 2nd August 2013.

Guest Editors

Dr. Christoph Lattemann and Dr. Ilan Alon.

To submit

Submissions should be made online at:, selecting the correct special issue from the drop-down menu.