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Special Issue on Islam and Human Resource Management

Special issue call for papers from Personnel Review

Over the past decade or so, scholars’ interest in understanding Islam and its relation to various management practices has increased significantly. The growing interest to understand the role Islamic religion, culture and values play in business management practices has spawned research investigating Islam and business ethics, Islamic banking and Islamic leadership styles. To date, however, very limited research has been published on Islam and HRM practices. What has been published so far focuses on normative aspects of Islamic management with little emphasis on practice. Understanding the role Islam plays at the work place is of significant importance for both scholars and HR practitioners. Islamic religion is a source of guidance for Muslim managers and a major driving force in the workplace in many Islamic countries and transnational Islamic organizations throughout the world. However, our knowledge of the role Islam plays in shaping HR practices is still in its infancy.
The special issue is dedicated to Islam and HRM. It has been motivated by the lack of a detailed understanding about the role Islam plays in shaping HRM practices in modern organizations. We are particularly interested in papers that provide insights into how Islamic ideals, culture, values and norms are used in practice and implications thereof on workplace environment and overall organizational performance. We are also interested in papers that look at the normative aspects of Islam and HRM. General topics of interests include (but are certainly not limited to) the following:
-         How are Islamic beliefs and ideals actualized into actual HR policies and practices? For instance how are Islamic practices such as Shura - consultation - practiced in reality?
-         How do Quranic principles and Prophet’s prescriptions guide managers’ decisions regarding HR practices in modern organizations?
-         How is Islam used by managers to legitimate HR practices?
-         How do Islamic values and virtues impact HRM policies and practices?
-         What is the relationship between Islamic HRM practices and organizational performance?
-         What is the relationship between Islamic HRM practices and workplace environment?
-         Comparative papers – Islam versus other religions and their impact on HRM.
Special Issue Editors
Professor Pawan Budhwar, Aston Business School, [email protected]
Professor Kamel Mellahi, The University of Sheffield Management School, [email protected]
Guidelines and submission information
The special issue is open and competitive. Submitted papers will undergo the normal rigorous, double-blind review process to ensure relevance and quality. Submitted papers must follow the Personnel Review Style Guidelines, found at:
Submitted papers must be based on original work not under consideration by any other journal or outlet.
Authors should submit an electronic copy of their manuscript as a word-file to the special issue editors via e-mail attachment: [email protected]; [email protected]
Submission deadline: 15 December 2008
The special issue is intended for publication in Volume 39 Issue 3 of Personnel i.e. April 2010.