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Bio-energy: Technology and Business Solutions

Special issue call for papers from International Journal of Energy Sector Management

Despite the abundance of biomass, it is a resource that is generally underutilised. The obstacles that have prevented bio-energy applications from making a greater contribution are multifarious, including both technology and management issues. In particular, the risks of such applications have not been adequately researched, resulting in bio-energy conversion systems rarely operating in an efficient and sustainable manner. Better approaches for assessing and managing risk are therefore required.

Supply chains both upstream and downstream of the conversion process need to be considered to provide a holistic approach to risk evaluation. Optimisation of the supply chain needs to be achieved by taking an integrated approach to feedstock production and utilisation. Transportation of the feedstock, pre processed if needed, would have to be audited in energy and economic terms for optimising supply. Depending upon the quantity and quality of the energy demand, appropriate technologies need to be chosen, sized and sited – issues all too often not observed by industries. The selection of suppliers and development of contracts are critical in insuring the availability of biomass. Given the limitations on land and water use, the adequate supply of biomass for energy must also be met, while fulfilling at the same time, the competitive demands on biomass for food and materials. Waste water and land can be potentially used for growing alternative biomass fuels at the same time as providing social and environmental benefits.

The complex task of managing and delivering successful bio-energy solutions requires innovation to maintain efficiency and sustainability. Management tools for analysis and decision support are needed across all the above mentioned areas and there is much scope to learn from success and failure.

This special issue of Energy Sector Management invites authors to submit papers of a review nature, original research and case studies to increase knowledge and awareness of the management needs for bio-energy applications to ensure sustainable development. Articles should be of 3000 – 6000 words, review papers can be up to 8000 words.


Topics of interest

Original research outputs considered for publication will focus on one of more of the following research themes:

• Supply chain modelling and integration
• Multi-biomass and extended supply chains
• Green supply chain modelling
• Biomass resource management – availability and enhancement
• Decision support systems and decision-making methodologies
• Case studies and lessons learnt
• Feasibility studies
• Hybrid bio-energy systems
• Biochemical and thermochemical treatment processes
• Technology selection, sizing and siting
• Supplier selection
• Environmental management, including land, water and life cycle assessment
• Rural development
• Waste water treatment, recycling and management for energy crops
• Land evaluation
• Fertigation, irrigation and wasteland development


Important dates

Submission of full articles for this special issue should be made by the 1st March. 
First set of reviews – 1st April
Submission of first revision – 1st May
Final review – 1st June
Submission of second revision – 1st July
Notification of successful publication – 1st August

The guidelines for authors submitting manuscripts to International Journal of Energy Sector Management can be found here.


Special Issue Editors:

Dr. Philip Davies
Aston University, Birmingham, UK
[email protected]

Professor Padma Sen
Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India
[email protected]

Dr. Jonathan Nixon
Aston University, Birmingham, UK
[email protected]